11 hours ago Guillaume Abriouxcephadm-adopt: fix mgr placement hosts task master
12 hours ago Guillaume Abriouxtests: allocate more memory for all_in_one job
3 days ago Guillaume Abriouxrolling_update: fix mon+rgw/multisite collocation
3 days ago Guillaume Abriouxtests: use CentOS 8.4 image
6 days ago Neelaksh SinghSensitive key data now hidden in output log
6 days ago Guillaume AbriouxRevert "tests: disable test_mgr_dashboard_is_listening"
10 days ago Guillaume Abriouxtests: disable test_mgr_dashboard_is_listening
10 days ago Guillaume Abriouxdashboard: set cookie_secure in grafana
2021-05-26 Guillaume Abriouxfs2bs: use match filter in selectattr()
2021-05-25 Guillaume Abriouxfs2bs: fix wrong filter when setting osd_ids
2021-05-25 Guillaume Abriouxprometheus: enforce osd nodes in templates
2021-05-25 Guillaume Abriouxvagrant_up: fix bash legacy syntax
2021-05-25 Guillaume Abriouxtests: pull images from cloud.centos.org
2021-05-22 Guillaume Abriouxupdate: do not gather facts on each play
2021-05-07 Guillaume Abriouxnfs: get org.ganesha.nfsd.conf from container
2021-05-06 Dimitri Savineauceph-rgw: fix pg_autoscale_mode for pool
2021-05-04 Guillaume Abriouxupdate: fix ceph-crash stop task
2021-04-29 Guillaume Abriouxceph-nfs: fix dev repo task
2021-04-28 Seena Fallahceph-osd: allow to use ceph_tcmalloc_max_total_thread_c...
2021-04-28 Guillaume Abriouxcephadm_adopt: fix ceph-crash migration
2021-04-27 Guillaume Abriouxcephadm_adopt: fix rgw placement task
2021-04-27 Guillaume Abriouxcephadm_adopt: create a 'nfs-ganesha' pool
2021-04-15 Dimitri Savineaugroup_vars: fix default values
2021-04-15 Dimitri Savineauceph-defaults: update multisite readme reference
2021-04-15 Dimitri Savineaudocs: update ansible version for master
2021-04-15 Francesco PantanoConfig the monitoring stack components api urls using...
2021-04-15 Guillaume Abriouxtests: run dev_setup.yml on non_container job only
2021-04-15 Guillaume Abriouxcore: bump ansible version
2021-04-15 Benoît Knechtceph-rgw-loadbalancer: Fix rgw_ports fact
2021-04-14 Guillaume Abriouxswitch-to-containers: only chown corresponding files
2021-04-14 Guillaume Abriouxcontainer/systemd: ensure /var/log/ceph exists
2021-04-14 Guillaume Abriouxfs2bs: add a final play
2021-04-14 Guillaume Abriouxrbdmirror: add retries/until when configuring mirroring
2021-04-12 Guillaume Abriouxcephadm_adopt: support nfs-ganesha adoption
2021-04-12 Guillaume Abriouxnfs: remove legacy task
2021-04-12 Guillaume Abriouxnfs: rename two tasks
2021-04-12 Guillaume Abriouxcephadm_adopt: modify placement policy for rgw
2021-04-12 Guillaume Abriouxcephadm_adopt: fix a typo
2021-04-12 Guillaume Abriouxdocker2podman: add documentation/header
2021-04-09 Guillaume Abriouxdocker2podman: skip some role imports from handler
2021-04-09 Guillaume Abriouxswitch_to_containers: support iscsigws migration
2021-04-02 Guillaume Abriouxcommon: selinux tasks related refactor
2021-04-02 Guillaume Abriouxrgw-loadbalancers: add all rgw_ports to http_port_t...
2021-04-02 kalebskeithleyrgw-loadbalancer: Update haproxy.cfg.j2
2021-04-01 Dimitri Savineaucontainer/registry: use password from stdin
2021-03-31 Guillaume Abriouxnfs: set idmap config for Ceph-NFS
2021-03-31 Guillaume Abriouxdashboard: support prometheus storage.tsdb.retention...
2021-03-31 Guillaume Abriouxrgw: supports pg_autoscale_mode option for pool creation
2021-03-29 Guillaume Abriouxdefaults: add a comment about `igw_network`
2021-03-27 Dimitri Savineaucommon,iscsi: don't use the shaman search endpoint
2021-03-26 Guillaume Abriouxupdate: followup on 07029e1
2021-03-26 Guillaume Abriouxdashboard: support igw nodes with dedicated subnet
2021-03-26 VasishtaShastryPeer addition won't be skipped if remote is not in...
2021-03-26 Ali Marediadocs: rgw multisite docs with new rgw_instances config
2021-03-25 Ken DreyerREADME-MULTISITE: fix typos
2021-03-25 Guillaume Abriouxconvert some missed `ansible_*`` calls to `ansible_fact...
2021-03-25 Aksh Guptacore: refactor code quality issues
2021-03-25 Guillaume Abriouxlibrary: drop ceph_facts
2021-03-24 Alex SchultzDisable facts by default in ansible.cfg
2021-03-24 Guillaume Abriouxmain: use `ansible_facts` for `architecture`
2021-03-23 Guillaume Abriouxtests: switch to quay.ceph.io for dashboard images
2021-03-23 Guillaume Abriouxiscsi: fetch right repo from shaman
2021-03-23 Guillaume Abriouxtests: fix `test_rgw_is_up` test
2021-03-23 Guillaume Abriouxtests: fix `test_nfs_is_up` test
2021-03-23 Guillaume Abriouxceph_volume: fix bug in `is_lv()`
2021-03-22 Brad HubbardMake sure the repo url contains the correct arch
2021-03-22 Guillaume Abriouxgithub: use actions/stale
2021-03-18 Guillaume Abriouxfix 'command -v' tasks
2021-03-18 Guillaume Abriouxrolling_update: unmask monitor service after a failure
2021-03-17 Guillaume Abriouxcephadm_adopt: fetch and write ceph minimal config
2021-03-17 Guillaume Abriouxfacts: fix nfs/external cluster scenario
2021-03-17 Guillaume Abriouxadopt: convert legacy grafana-server groupname early
2021-03-17 Guillaume AbriouxRevert "tests: disable nfs testing on master"
2021-03-17 Guillaume Abriouxvalidate: followup on 98e32b9
2021-03-16 Guillaume Abriouxclients: build filtered clients group early
2021-03-16 Guillaume Abriouxtests: remove 1 client VM in external_clients job
2021-03-16 Guillaume Abriouxtests: disable nfs testing on master
2021-03-16 Guillaume Abriouxvalidate: update `ceph_repository_community` check
2021-03-16 Guillaume Abriouxnfs: bump nfs-ganesha version
2021-03-15 Guillaume Abriouxupdate: convert legacy grafana-server groupname early
2021-03-15 Guillaume Abriouxconfig: reset num_osds
2021-03-12 Dimitri Savineaulibrary: add realm pull to radosgw_realm module
2021-03-12 Benoît Knechtceph-mon: Fix check mode for deploy monitor tasks
2021-03-12 Guillaume Abriouxstalebot: update config
2021-03-11 Kai Stian Olstaddocs: Update URL to LVM batch
2021-03-11 Matthew Vernondocs: Document the prepare_osd tag
2021-03-11 Matthew Vernonceph-osd: add prepare_osd tag to lvm-batch scenario
2021-03-11 Matthew VernonDocs: fix some typos
2021-03-08 Alex SchultzUse ansible_facts
2021-03-03 Guillaume Abriouxtests: increase nb of rerun in pytest
2021-03-02 Matthew VernonFix typo and broken link for documenting RGW frontends
2021-03-02 Guillaume Abriouxdashboard: add missing parameter in `ceph_cmd`
2021-02-18 Guillaume Abriouxdefaults: update rhcs dashboard images versions
2021-02-15 Florian Haasrequirements.txt: Move the six dependency into the...
2021-02-12 Guillaume Abriouxlibrary: do not always add --yes in batch mode
2021-02-12 Dimitri SavineauAdd quincy release
2021-02-12 Guillaume Abriouxpurge: rm service-cid files
2021-02-11 Guillaume Abriouxswitch2container: do not serialize the ceph-crash migration
2021-02-11 Guillaume Abriouxtests: increase `mon_max_pg_per_osd`
2021-02-11 Guillaume Abriouxdoc: add a note about "latest" tags