2017-04-10 Loic DacharyMerge branch 'wip-signed-integer-overflow-cppcheck... master
2017-04-10 Brad HubbardResolve cppcheck Signed integer overflow error
2015-01-08 KMGMerge branch 'wip-documentation' into 'master'
2014-12-29 Loic is http, not https
2014-12-29 KMGMerge branch 'wip-documentation' into 'master'
2014-12-25 Loic Dacharydocumentation: update with new home
2014-12-25 Loic DacharyRevert "Removed PDF from the repo and added a note...
2014-12-16 kmgreen2Merge pull request #2 from dachary/wip-exit
2014-12-15 Loic Dacharytests: add minimal encoder/decoder test 2/head
2014-12-15 Loic Dacharytests: fail if gf_methods is not found
2014-12-15 Loic Dacharydecoder/encoder: fix compilation warnings
2014-12-15 Loic Dacharydecoder: allow for path len > 100 characters
2014-12-15 Loic Dacharyuse assert(0) instead of exit(1)
2014-10-03 Loic Dacharyremove unused variable in tests bitbucket-master
2014-10-03 Loic Dacharydefine galois_uninit_field
2014-06-09 Kevin GreenanAdding option to disable SSE support in configure
2014-06-09 Kevin GreenanRemoved PDF from the repo and added a note in the READM...
2014-06-08 Kevin GreenanMerged in dachary/jerasure/wip-galois-init (pull reques...
2014-06-08 Loic Dacharyadd galois_init_default_field error code wip-galois-init
2014-04-28 Kevin GreenanMerged in dalgaaf/jerasure/wip-da-coverity-rebase ...
2014-04-27 Danny Al-Gaafjerasure.c: add more checks for talloc/malloc results
2014-04-27 Danny Al-Gaafjerasure.c: add check for result of malloc()
2014-04-22 Danny Al-Gaafjerasure.c: free memory before return in error case
2014-04-22 Danny Al-GaafExamples/*coder.c: add missing include of unistd.h
2014-04-22 Danny Al-GaafExamples/reed_sol_time_gf.c: include sys/time.h
2014-04-22 Danny Al-Gaafjerasure.c: fix memory leak in error case
2014-04-08 Kevin GreenanMerged in dachary/jerasure/wip-init (pull request #17)
2014-04-08 Loic Dacharymake galois_init_default_field(int w) extern
2014-04-03 Kevin GreenanMerged in dachary/jerasure/wip-make-check (pull request...
2014-04-03 Kevin GreenanMerged in dwglessner/jerasure/pull-#9-cleanup (pull...
2014-04-02 Loic Dacharyrun tests with make check
2014-04-01 David GlessnerFix typo about Autoconf >= 2.65 requirement.
2014-04-01 David GlessnerRemove -O3, -fPIC, $(INCLUDES) from AM_CFLAGS.
2014-03-31 Kevin GreenanMerged in dachary/jerasure/wip-gf-complete-tests (pull...
2014-03-31 Kevin GreenanMerged in dachary/jerasure/wip-warning-unused (pull...
2014-03-30 Loic Dacharysilence warning about bestrow used uninitialized
2014-03-29 Kevin GreenanMerged in dachary/jerasure/wip-gitignore (pull request...
2014-03-29 Loic Dacharyallow override of GF-Complete directory in
2014-03-28 Loic Dacharyadd .dirstamp to gitignore
2014-03-28 David GlessnerThis is the squashed pull request from David Glessner...
2014-03-28 David GlessnerQuiet configure warning.
2014-03-06 James PlankMerged in dachary/jerasure/wip-compilation-warnings...
2014-03-06 Loic Dacharyadd missing return value to functions that require it
2014-03-06 Loic Dacharyremove unused variables
2014-02-07 Jim PlankFixed some compiler warnings.
2014-02-07 Jim PlankAdded compilation instructions for when you don't have...
2014-01-29 Jim PlankAdded the user manual PDF to Manual.pdf
2014-01-29 Jim PlankMore formatting.
2014-01-29 Jim PlankFormatting.
2014-01-29 Jim PlankAdded the user's manual.
2014-01-25 James PlankMerged in kmgreen2/jerasure-kmg (pull request #1)
2014-01-25 Jim PlankRevision 2.0 is ready for prime time!
2014-01-24 Jim PlankNeeded .txt
2014-01-24 Jim PlankMaking sure ht enew readme is there.
2014-01-24 Jim PlankRan through all of the examples to make them current...
2014-01-07 Kevin GreenanMake autoconf put BSD license in COPYING.
2014-01-01 Jim PlankMinor typos and stuff. More later.
2013-12-28 Kevin GreenanAdded code to not use gf-complete mult_by_one if region...
2013-12-20 Kevin GreenanDo SIMD XOR, where possible!
2013-12-05 Kevin GreenanFix README(s)
2013-12-05 Kevin GreenanSetup autoconf to work with Jerasure
2013-11-25 Kevin GreenanAdded performance numbers and more text to the README
2013-11-24 Kevin GreenanAdded tests for the GF init helper functions in galois.c
2013-11-23 Kevin GreenanError handling fixed in test scripts...
2013-11-23 Kevin GreenanAdded new license header for version 2.0
2013-11-23 Kevin GreenanRe-org and re-named some stuff...
2013-11-19 Kevin GreenanClean-up and use of aligned buffers in Test/
2013-11-19 Kevin GreenanMake sure tests always grab aligned buffers (use valloc...
2013-10-19 Kevin GreenanMove 'install' to $(INCDIR) instead of $(INCDIR)/jerasure
2013-10-16 Tushar Gohadjerasure: Add -fPIC to CFLAGS
2013-10-16 Kevin GreenanAdded some performance tests, set the default GF for...
2013-10-15 Kevin GreenanIncorporated more of GF-Complete and added some tests...
2013-10-12 Kevin Greenanmakefile works on Darwin and Linux
2013-10-08 Kevin GreenanFirst (crude) pass at hooking GF-Complete into Jerasure...
2013-10-01 Jim PlankCharacter counting bug.
2013-10-01 Jim PlankAdding the current jerasure 1.2A