2013-04-16 Sage Weilpipe 'rbd rm ...' stderr to /dev/null master
2011-12-08 Lucas Meneghel... common.config: Allow use of arbitrary qemu* paths
2011-12-08 Lucas Meneghel... check: print relevant path information
2011-11-20 Kevin Wolftest loading internal snapshots
2011-06-09 Kevin WolfUpdate filter for default cluster size
2011-05-25 Stefan Hajnocziadd qed support to 025 image resize test
2011-04-21 Josh DurginUpdate rbd support
2011-04-21 Mitnick Lyucommon.config: Fix no $TEST_DIR directory
2011-04-21 Christoph Hellwigonly run 016 for file and sheepdog protocols
2011-02-04 Stefan HajnocziUse zero-based offsets for IO patterns
2011-02-04 MORITA Kazutakaadd support for rbd and sheepdog protocols
2010-11-24 Stefan Hajnoczifilter IMGFMT correctly in 019
2010-11-07 Stefan WeilREADME: Fix spelling
2010-10-31 Stefan Hajnocziadd support for qed format
2010-10-31 Christoph Hellwigfilter TEST_DIR correctly in 019
2010-10-31 Kevin Wolffix 019 golden output
2010-10-15 Kevin Wolfupdate expected results after qemu-img changes
2010-10-15 Stefan Hajnocziadd read/write from smaller backing image test
2010-10-15 Stefan Hajnocziadd sub-cluster allocating write test for sparse image...
2010-10-15 Kevin Wolfimprove test for qemu-img convert with backing file
2010-10-01 Kevin Wolfconsider more cases in parsing qemu-io output
2010-06-14 Kevin Wolfqcow2 error path tests
2010-05-04 Kevin Wolfimprove rebase test
2010-05-04 Stefan Hajnoczitest bdrv_truncate
2010-04-26 Stefan Hajnocziexplicitly use bash interpreter
2010-01-17 Kevin Wolftest qemu-img rebase
2009-10-01 Kevin Wolftest larger clusters sizes on qcow2
2009-10-01 Kevin Wolf019: Make cluster size dynamic
2009-10-01 Kevin Wolfalign test requests according to cluster size
2009-08-13 Stefan Weiladd support for vdi format "static" option
2009-07-27 Kevin Wolffix expected result for 019 after qemu-io change
2009-07-20 Kevin Wolftest bdrv_load/save_vmstate
2009-07-20 Kevin Wolfcommon.pattern: allow spaces in io() operation
2009-07-20 Christoph Hellwigtest invalid pattern argument handling in qemu-io
2009-07-16 Christoph Hellwigreplace FSF postal addresses with gnu.org links
2009-07-16 Kevin Wolftest commiting changes to backing file
2009-07-16 Kevin Wolftest qemu-img convert with backing file for the output...
2009-07-16 Kevin Wolftest merge of backing file when converting
2009-07-16 Kevin Wolfsimple backing file test
2009-07-16 Christoph Hellwigtest I/O after EOF for growable files
2009-07-14 Stefan Weilfix pattern for write test
2009-07-09 Christoph Hellwigmake a few more tests generic
2009-07-08 Christoph Hellwigremove test image after 015 is done
2009-07-06 Christoph Hellwigadd support for the vdi image format
2009-07-03 Kevin Wolfadd test for refcount table growth and snapshots
2009-07-03 Christoph Hellwigskip test 005 for vpc format images
2009-06-22 Christoph HellwigInitial import into the public repository.