2016-06-13 Jenkins Build... 1.2.7 master v1.2.7
2016-06-13 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #45 from ceph/release-1.2.7
2016-06-13 Alfredo Dezabump to 1.2.7 45/head
2016-06-13 Alfredo Dezaupdate the changelog
2016-06-13 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #44 from ceph/wip-copy-if-newer
2016-06-10 Casey Bodleyadd rgwx-copy-if-newer param to sync_object_intra_region 44/head
2016-06-10 Casey BodleyDataWorker.sync_object does not fail on NotModified
2016-06-09 Casey Bodleyadd exception for 304 NotModified
2016-06-09 Jenkins Build... 1.2.6 v1.2.6
2016-06-09 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #43 from ceph/release-1.2.6
2016-06-09 Alfredo Dezaupdate the changelog release-1.2.6 43/head
2016-06-09 Alfredo Dezabump to 1.2.6
2016-05-25 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #42 from ceph/rhbz-1336532
2016-05-25 Alfredo Dezaimprove the logging saying the op state will be tried... 42/head
2016-05-25 Alfredo Dezaadd a test that verifies we don't break when state...
2016-05-25 Alfredo Dezaif there is no state to look at continue until we get...
2016-03-30 Jenkins Build... 1.2.5 v1.2.5
2016-03-30 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #41 from ceph/release-1.2.5
2016-03-30 Alfredo Deza[RM-15328] update the changelog for 1.2.5 release-1.2.5 41/head
2016-03-30 Alfredo Deza[RM-15328] bump to 1.2.5
2016-03-23 Yehuda SadehMerge pull request #40 from ceph/RM-13377
2016-03-16 Alfredo Deza[RM-13377] require boto 2.10.0 as the minimum version... RM-13377 40/head
2016-03-16 Alfredo Deza[RM-13377] require boto 2.10.0 as the minimum version
2015-08-13 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #34 from david-z/wip-init-radosgw...
2015-08-12 Jenkins1.2.4 v1.2.4
2015-08-12 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #37 from ceph/RM-12680
2015-08-12 Alfredo Deza[RM-12680] bump the version to 1.2.4 RM-12680 37/head
2015-08-12 Alfredo Deza[RM-12680] update the changelog
2015-08-12 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #36 from ceph/RM-12677
2015-08-12 Alfredo Deza[RM-12677] reference HttpError from the right location... RM-12677 36/head
2015-08-12 Alfredo Deza[RM-12677] remove references to invalid client exceptio...
2015-08-10 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #35 from ceph/RM-12470
2015-08-10 Alfredo Deza[RM-12470] do not install from requirements in the... RM-12470 35/head
2015-08-10 Alfredo Deza[RM-12470] remove no longer used requirements files
2015-08-10 Alfredo Deza[RM-12470] how about using the defined install_requires
2015-08-10 Alfredo Deza[RM-12470] test_requires does not need to be slapped...
2015-07-30 Zhi ZhangFix conf not found error when using init script to... 34/head
2015-07-15 Jenkins1.2.3 v1.2.3
2015-07-15 Alfredo Dezabump the version
2015-07-15 Alfredo Dezaupdate the changelog
2015-07-06 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #31 from ceph/12030
2015-06-19 Alfredo Dezaset an env variable that tells us we are testing 31/head
2015-06-19 Alfredo Dezaadd py27 for testing in tox
2015-06-19 Alfredo Dezapython 2.6 gives us different url/port parsing responses
2015-06-19 Alfredo Dezatests for the new network utility
2015-06-19 Alfredo Dezaadd a network utility to check for ipv6
2015-06-19 Alfredo Dezaadd more tests for client that involve ipv6
2015-06-19 Alfredo Dezaproperly detect ipv6 in client.py
2015-06-18 Alfredo Dezause netloc instead of hostname
2015-05-27 Alfredo DezaMerge pull request #29 from Ved-vampir/master
2015-04-27 Jenkins1.2.2 v1.2.2
2015-04-27 Yehuda SadehMerge pull request #30 from ceph/release-1.2.2
2015-04-27 Alfredo Dezaupdate the changelog release-1.2.2 30/head
2015-04-27 Alfredo Dezabump the version of the agent to 1.2.2
2015-04-15 Ved-vampirradosgw-agent: supress override of config settings... 29/head
2015-04-01 Alfredo Dezamanually bisecting check for old way of bucket_instance...
2015-03-30 Josh DurginMerge pull request #28 from ceph/wip-10852
2015-03-30 Alfredo Dezause dev_log for locking and unlocking of shards 28/head
2015-03-30 Alfredo Dezaonly report bucket to retry if there are some
2015-03-30 Alfredo Dezaworker bound operations should also go to dev_log
2015-03-30 Alfredo Dezaswap log statements to go to dev_log
2015-03-30 Alfredo Dezaremove double 'syncing object' lines
2015-03-30 Alfredo Dezause the new dev_logger for some shard sync items
2015-03-30 Alfredo Dezause obj.name for logging objects that are not found...
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezaremove len() for generator object
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezafull sync of a bucket with better logging
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezainform the user about data sync operations
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezaignore log files
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezaimport the new utility in __init__ so it is nicer to...
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezacreate a small utility to handle dev logging loggers
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezaremove GET URL annoying log statement
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezathe __str__ method of configuration should be a string
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezalog all the initial settings as a header
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezamake setup.py read __init__ to set the version
2015-03-27 Alfredo Dezaset the version in the actual package
2015-03-27 Orit WassermanMerge pull request #27 from ceph/wip-11246
2015-03-27 Orit WassermanMerge pull request #26 from ceph/wip-11245
2015-03-26 Alfredo Dezacorrectly import InvalidProtocol from its right location wip-11246 27/head
2015-03-26 Alfredo Dezaconfigure logging before parsing arguments wip-11245 26/head
2015-03-18 Josh DurginMerge pull request #22 from ceph/wip-10453
2015-03-17 Alfredo Dezawhen getting the worker bounds map the retries to objects 22/head
2015-03-17 Alfredo Dezarename the helper to to_obj
2015-03-17 Alfredo Dezatests for the new keys to attrs helper
2015-03-17 Alfredo Dezacreate a helper to get keys to attributes in an object
2015-03-17 Alfredo Dezamake it explicit that obj refers to the utility
2015-03-17 Alfredo Dezause the new utility to slap extra metadata to retries
2015-03-17 Alfredo Dezaadd tests for the new utility
2015-03-17 Alfredo Dezacreate an obj util that can convert objects to_dict
2015-03-13 Alfredo Dezamake the list_object_in_bucket use the config for versi...
2015-03-13 Alfredo Dezainform the user what request is hapenning
2015-03-13 Alfredo Dezasave the versioned support in the config object
2015-03-12 Alfredo Dezacreate a new string helper that concatenates arguments
2015-03-12 Alfredo Dezaextract the string signing to a helper function
2015-03-12 Alfredo Dezaspecifically look for 403 to detect version support...
2015-03-12 Yehuda Sadehradosgw-agent: check if src supports versioning
2015-03-12 Alfredo Dezainit the config object in __init__
2015-03-12 Alfredo Dezatests for the new special method addition for config
2015-03-12 Alfredo Dezaadd the containing method for checking existence
2015-03-12 Alfredo Dezaregister all the arg values into the config object
2015-03-11 Alfredo Dezaallow nested dicts that inherit immutability