2021-04-28 Mark KoganMerge pull request #22 from mkogan1/fix-venv-distribute master
2021-04-28 Mark Koganrgw: ragweed: fix virtualenv error unrecognized argumen... 22/head
2021-02-11 Mark KoganMerge pull request #21 from mkogan1/ragweed-fix-pip...
2021-02-11 Mark Koganragweed: fix teuthology failure related to pip issue... 21/head
2020-09-10 Yehuda SadehMerge pull request #10 from ceph/wip-readme
2020-09-09 Ali MarediaUpdate README.rst for Centos/RHEL Installation wip-readme 10/head
2020-09-09 Ali MarediaREADME: added a README.rst and changed example conf
2019-12-18 Sage WeilMerge pull request #6 from ceph/py3
2019-12-18 Yehuda SadehMerge pull request #5 from ceph/py3
2019-12-18 Yehuda Sadehragweed: python3 string / bytearray fixes wip-sage3-testing-2019-12-17-1443 6/head
2019-12-18 Yehuda Sadehragweed: more python3 changes
2019-12-17 Sage Weilragweed/framework: open() not file() 5/head
2019-12-17 Sage Weilupdate for py3 imports
2019-12-17 Sage Weilprint is a function
2019-12-17 Sage Weilpython3
2019-08-16 Casey BodleyMerge pull request #4 from soumyakoduri/master
2019-06-25 Soumya KoduriBucket names cannot contain underscore 4/head
2019-01-22 Yehuda SadehMerge pull request #3 from yehudasa/wip-rgw-tiering
2019-01-09 Yehuda Sadehragweed: more storage class related tests wip-rgw-tiering-3 3/head
2019-01-09 Yehuda Sadehragweed: test object create with storage_class
2019-01-09 Yehuda Sadehragweed: support for storage classes in zone config
2018-02-15 Yehuda SadehMerge pull request #2 from yehudasa/wip-requirements
2018-02-15 Yehuda Sadehrequirements: add gevents 2/head
2017-06-09 Yehuda SadehMerge pull request #1 from zhangsw/multipart-bucketcheck
2017-06-08 zhangshaowenAdd test case for checking bucket index after completin... 1/head
2017-02-24 Yehuda Sadehbootstrap: pin setuptools version
2017-02-23 Yehuda Sadehrgw: fix explicit placement pool
2017-02-22 Yehuda Sadehfix, don't yield rb
2017-02-21 Yehuda Sadehs/stage/prepare
2017-02-21 Yehuda Sadehbootstrap: enable system site packages, force install...
2017-02-21 Yehuda Sadehrequirements.txt: avoid specific boto version
2017-01-24 Yehuda Sadehadd virtualenv creation utils
2017-01-24 Yehuda Sadehragweed: configurable bucket prefix
2017-01-18 Yehuda Sadehsupport for old style placement encoding
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehadd license
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehadd another multipart test
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehanother multipart test, replace md5 with crc
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehcleanup
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehminor cleanup
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehvalidate rados object size is as expected
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehadd a simple multipart test
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehvalidate obj layout
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehadd a zone entity under suite
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehinitialize rados connection
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehadd functionality to read objec's layout
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehread zone params on initialization
2017-01-13 Yehuda Sadehragweed: can send rgw admin requests
2017-01-04 Yehuda Sadehframework: configurable via config file
2017-01-03 Yehuda Sadehragweed: restructure work tree
2016-12-23 Yehuda Sadehragweed: initial commit