2018-05-24 Yi WuLRUCache midpoint insertion master
2018-05-24 Dmitri SmirnovCatchup with posix features
2018-05-24 Kefu Chaiport_posix: use posix_memalign() for aligned_alloc
2018-05-24 Yi Wurefactor constructor of LRUCacheShard
2018-05-24 Andrew KryczkaIntroduce library-independent default compression level
2018-05-23 Yanqin JinSpecify the underlying type of enums.
2018-05-22 Zhongyi XieFix a backward compatibility problem with table_propert...
2018-05-22 Jacquin MiningerFix Issue #3771: Slice ctor checks for nullptr and...
2018-05-22 Andrew KryczkaAvoid sleep in DBTest.GroupCommitTest to fix flakiness
2018-05-22 Andrew KryczkaAvoid single-deleting merge operands in db_stress
2018-05-21 Siying DongPersistRocksDBOptions() to use WritableFileWriter
2018-05-21 Zhongyi XieMove prefix_extractor to MutableCFOptions
2018-05-21 Yanqin JinUpdate ColumnFamilyTest for multi-CF verification
2018-05-21 Andrew KryczkaPrint histogram count and sum in statistics string
2018-05-21 Andrew KryczkaAssert keys/values pinned by range deletion meta-block...
2018-05-21 Andrew KryczkaAdd missing test files to
2018-05-19 Zhongyi Xiefix a division by zero bug
2018-05-18 Siying Dongclass Block to store num_restarts_
2018-05-18 Yanqin JinSet the default value of max_manifest_file_size.
2018-05-18 Siying DongImplement key shortening functions in ReverseBytewiseCo...
2018-05-18 Zhongyi Xieadd override to virtual functions
2018-05-18 Xin TongReorder field based on esan data
2018-05-17 Fosco MarottoUpdate HISTORY and version for upcoming 5.14
2018-05-17 Siying DongIn instrumented mutex, take timing once for both of...
2018-05-17 Mike KolupaevChange and clarify the relationship between Valid(...
2018-05-16 Maysam YabandehFix race condition between log_.erase and log_.back
2018-05-15 acelyc111Fix geo_db may seek an error key when they have the...
2018-05-15 Maysam YabandehSuppress tsan lock-order-inversion on FlushWAL
2018-05-14 Andrew KryczkaBottommost level-based compactions in bottom-pri pool
2018-05-14 Sagar VemuriFix db_stress build on mac
2018-05-14 Maysam YabandehPass manual_wal_flush also to the first wal file
2018-05-11 Maysam YabandehClarify the ownership of root db after TransactionDB...
2018-05-11 Sergey ElinFix formatting in log message
2018-05-10 Andrew KryczkaApply use_direct_io_for_flush_and_compaction to writes...
2018-05-09 Andrew KryczkaRefactor argument handling in
2018-05-09 Siying DongDisallow to open RandomRW file if the file doesn't...
2018-05-09 Siying DongMake BlockIter final
2018-05-09 Dmitri SmirnovIntroduce and use the option to disable stall notificat...
2018-05-08 Huachao HuangAdd missing options in BuildColumnfamilyOptions
2018-05-08 Andrew KryczkaDisable readahead when using mmap for reads
2018-05-07 Tongliang LiaoLink jemalloc
2018-05-07 Tongliang LiaoAllows other cmake-specific "true" for USE_RTTI.
2018-05-07 Tongliang LiaoSearch paths provided by intel's "".
2018-05-07 Maysam YabandehSplit FaultInjectionTest.FaultTest to avoid timeout
2018-05-04 LingBinRecommit "Avoid adding tombstones of the same file...
2018-05-04 Andrew KryczkaFix db_stress memory leak ASAN error
2018-05-04 Maysam YabandehEvenly split HarnessTest.Randomized
2018-05-04 Maysam YabandehRename vars to satisfy unity built
2018-05-04 Fosco MarottoAdd USE_RTTI and default behavior to CMakeLists
2018-05-04 Andrew KryczkaFix crash test allocation error under TSAN
2018-05-03 Zhongyi XieMaxFileSizeForLevel: adjust max_file_size for dynamic...
2018-05-03 Dmitri SmirnovBetter destroydb
2018-05-03 Maysam YabandehSpeedup ManualCompactionTest.Test
2018-05-03 Siying DongSkip deleted WALs during recovery
2018-05-03 Maysam YabandehWritePrepared Txn: enable rollback in stress test
2018-05-03 Maysam YabandehWritePrepared Txn: split SeqAdvanceConcurrentTest
2018-05-01 Zhongyi Xieavoid double delete on dummy record insertion failure
2018-05-01 Dmitri SmirnovAdjust pread/pwrite to return Status
2018-05-01 Andrew Kryczkainitialize local variable for UBSAN in PosixEnv function
2018-04-30 Andrew KryczkaSecond attempt at db_stress crash-recovery verification
2018-04-30 Vincent Leefix missing perfcontext destroy declare in C API
2018-04-27 Victor Grishchenkoexpose WAL iterator in the C API
2018-04-27 Andrew Kryczkarevert db_stress crash-recovery verification
2018-04-27 Zhongyi Xieremove prefixscanrandom from db_bench help
2018-04-27 Huachao HuangAdd max_subcompactions as a compaction option
2018-04-27 Yanqin JinRename pending_compaction_ to queued_for_compaction_.
2018-04-27 Yanqin JinRename pending_flush_ to queued_for_flush_.
2018-04-27 Nathan VanBenschotenAdd virtual Truncate method to Env
2018-04-27 Andrew KryczkaAllow options file in db_stress and db_crashtest
2018-04-26 Andrew KryczkaRemove block-based table assertion for non-empty filter...
2018-04-26 Siying DongSync parent directory after deleting a file in delete...
2018-04-26 Maysam YabandehFix the bloom filter skipping empty prefixes
2018-04-26 Maysam YabandehWritePrepared Txn: disable rollback in stress test
2018-04-25 Vincent LeeRate limiter should be allowed to share between differe...
2018-04-25 Anand AnanthabhotlaFix clang build failure with -Wgnu-redeclared-enum
2018-04-25 Kefu Chaicmake: add options for enabling TBB and NUMA support
2018-04-25 Andrew Kryczkainitialize local variable for UBSAN in PosixEnv function
2018-04-25 Andrew KryczkaPass -latomic to linker when using clang
2018-04-24 Andrew KryczkaAdd crash-recovery correctness check to db_stress
2018-04-24 Maysam YabandehSkip duplicate bloom keys when whole_key and prefix...
2018-04-24 Gabriel WickeSupport lowering CPU priority of background threads
2018-04-24 Mike KolupaevImprove write time breakdown stats
2018-04-23 Siying DongRevert "Skip deleted WALs during recovery"
2018-04-21 Andrew KryczkaAvoid directory renames in BackupEngine
2018-04-20 Yi WuDisable EnvPosixTest::FilePermission
2018-04-20 Maysam YabandehWritePrepared Txn: rollback via commit
2018-04-20 Anand AnanthabhotlaAdd a stat for MultiGet keys found, update memtable...
2018-04-20 Maysam YabandehWritePrepared Txn: enable TryAgain for duplicates at...
2018-04-20 Maysam YabandehPropagate fill_cache config to partitioned index iterator
2018-04-20 przemyslaw... Fix GitHub issue #3716: gcc-8 warnings
2018-04-20 Zhongyi Xiefix compilation error: implicit conversion loses intege...
2018-04-20 Paweł BylicaCMake: Read rocksdb version from version.h header file
2018-04-19 Zhongyi Xiecheck return status for Sync() and Append() calls to...
2018-04-19 Yi WuAdd block cache related DB properties
2018-04-19 Andrew Kryczkainclude thread-pool priority in thread names
2018-04-18 Maysam YabandehImprove db_stress with transactions
2018-04-17 Yanqin JinAdd missing whitespace.
2018-04-17 Yi Wudb_bench fillXXXdeterministic should respect compressio...
2018-04-16 Harry WongImprove the comment on TableFactory::NewTableReader()
2018-04-16 Yanqin JinInitialize a boolean member variable of a struct.