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last changeThu, 20 Feb 2020 19:06:23 +0000 (14:06 -0500)
116 min ago J. Eric IvancichMerge pull request #31338 from ivancich/wip-clean-up... master
3 hours ago Nathan CutlerMerge pull request #33338 from smithfarm/wip-qa-cephadm...
4 hours ago Nathan Cutlerqa/cephadm: "ls -l" cephadm after downloading it 33338/head
4 hours ago Nathan Cutlerqa/ better check for cephadm download success
4 hours ago Nathan Cutlerqa/tasks/ lop off .git more robustly
5 hours ago Matt BenjaminMerge pull request #31994 from pritha-srivastava/wip...
7 hours ago Mykola GolubMerge pull request #33166 from dillaman/wip-43936
9 hours ago Kefu ChaiMerge pull request #33425 from tchaikov/wip-crimson...
9 hours ago Kefu ChaiMerge pull request #33423 from tchaikov/wip-doc-search
10 hours ago Nathan Cutlerqa/cephadm/smoke: run on opensuse_15.1
10 hours ago Nathan Cutlerqa/distros: add opensuse_15.2.yaml
10 hours ago Nathan Cutlerqa/distros: drop obsolete opensuse distros
10 hours ago S├ębastien HanMerge pull request #33371 from leseb/raw-list
10 hours ago Lenz GrimmerMerge pull request #33407 from rhcs-dashboard/coverage...
12 hours ago Kefu Chaicrimson/osd: capture watcher when calling its member... 33425/head
14 hours ago Kefu Chaidoc: do not use absolute address 33423/head
2 weeks ago v14.2.7 v14.2.7
3 weeks ago v12.2.13 v12.2.13
3 weeks ago v15.1.0 v15.1.0
6 weeks ago v14.2.6 v14.2.6
2 months ago v13.2.8 v13.2.8
2 months ago v14.2.5 v14.2.5
3 months ago v13.2.7 v13.2.7
5 months ago v14.2.4 v14.2.4
5 months ago v14.2.3 v14.2.3
7 months ago v14.2.2 v14.2.2
8 months ago v13.2.6 v13.2.6
9 months ago v14.2.1 v14.2.1
10 months ago v12.2.12 v12.2.12
10 months ago v15.0.0 v15.0.0 octopus kick-off
11 months ago v14.2.0 v14.2.0
11 months ago v13.2.5 v13.2.5
69 min ago mimic
116 min ago master
6 hours ago osd_replace_cephadm
38 hours ago rh-nautilus-rebase
47 hours ago nautilus
3 days ago rh-nautilus
5 days ago wip-dump-reserv
5 days ago octopus
13 days ago store_drive_groups
2 weeks ago wip-rhel8-krbd-fix
2 weeks ago rh-nau
2 weeks ago hot-fix
2 weeks ago wip_ceph_ansible_nautulus
2 weeks ago nautilus-saved
3 weeks ago luminous
3 weeks ago wip-osd-drain-module