ext4: Test read-only external journal device
[xfstests-dev.git] / tests / ext4 / 002.out
1 QA output created by 002
2 setting log device read-only
3 mounting with read-only log device:
4 mount: device write-protected, mounting read-only
5 touching file on read-only filesystem (should fail)
6 touch: cannot touch 'SCRATCH_MNT/foo': Read-only file system
7 unmounting read-only filesystem
8 setting log device read-write
9 mounting with read-write log device:
10 touch files
11 going down:
12 unmounting shutdown filesystem:
13 setting log device read-only
14 mounting filesystem that needs recovery with a read-only log device:
15 mount: device write-protected, mounting read-only
16 mount: cannot mount device read-only
17 unmounting read-only filesystem
18 umount: SCRATCH_DEV: not mounted
19 mounting filesystem with -o norecovery with a read-only log device:
20 mount: SCRATCH_MNT: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on SCRATCH_DEV, missing codepage or helper program, or other error
21 unmounting read-only filesystem
22 umount: SCRATCH_DEV: not mounted
23 setting fs device read-only
24 mounting filesystem with -o norecovery with a read-only fs and log device:
25 mount: device write-protected, mounting read-only
26 unmounting read-only filesystem
27 setting fs device read-write
28 mounting filesystem with -o norecovery,ro with a read-only log device:
29 unmounting read-only filesystem
30 setting log device read-write
31 mounting filesystem that needs recovery with -o ro:
32 *** done