fstests: renumber tests after merge
authorEryu Guan <guaneryu@gmail.com>
Sun, 24 May 2020 16:07:45 +0000 (00:07 +0800)
committerEryu Guan <guaneryu@gmail.com>
Sun, 24 May 2020 16:07:45 +0000 (00:07 +0800)
fstests: renumber tests after merge

Signed-off-by: Eryu Guan <guaneryu@gmail.com>
17 files changed:
tests/xfs/516 [new file with mode: 0755]
tests/xfs/516.out [new file with mode: 0644]
tests/xfs/517 [new file with mode: 0755]
tests/xfs/517.out [new file with mode: 0644]
tests/xfs/518 [new file with mode: 0755]
tests/xfs/518.out [new file with mode: 0644]
tests/xfs/519 [new file with mode: 0755]
tests/xfs/519.out [new file with mode: 0644]
tests/xfs/751 [deleted file]
tests/xfs/751.out [deleted file]
tests/xfs/755 [deleted file]
tests/xfs/755.out [deleted file]
tests/xfs/913 [deleted file]
tests/xfs/913.out [deleted file]
tests/xfs/914 [deleted file]
tests/xfs/914.out [deleted file]