generic/60[01]: fix test failure when setting new grace limit
[xfstests-dev.git] / README.config-sections
2017-08-07 Eryu Guancommon/config: unset TEST_FS_MOUNT_OPTS across config...
2017-03-17 Zorro Langfstests: add GlusterFS support
2016-11-05 Joao Eduardo Luiscommon: add CephFS support
2014-04-11 Lukas Czernerconfig: Add -s option to run only specified sections
2014-04-04 Lukas Czernercheck: Remount file system if MOUNT_OPTIONS changed
2014-04-04 Lukas Czernercheck: Allow to recreate TEST_DEV
2014-04-04 Lukas Czernercheck: Add support for sections in config file