Update configure scripts in xfstests directory.
[xfstests-dev.git] / aclocal.m4
2004-07-09 fsgqaUpdate configure scripts in xfstests directory.
2004-07-09 Nathan ScottFix up configure problems in xfstests and xfsprogs.
2004-06-15 ptoolsMore merge fixes
2004-06-15 ptoolsMore merge conflicts
2004-03-19 Nathan ScottSimpler fix for the libuuid problem from awhile ago...
2004-01-19 Nathan ScottUpdate several QA tests, configure magic in xfstests...
2003-08-24 Nathan ScottClarify the configure message for when pre-xfsctl libxf...
2003-07-07 Nathan ScottSync up with other xfs packages build mechanism