Add verbosity to a failing bench QA script.
[xfstests-dev.git] / bench
2003-05-15 fsgqaAdd verbosity to a failing bench QA script.
2003-05-13 fsgqaQA updates.
2002-12-18 fsgqaAllow for use of an external log device in benchmarks.
2002-12-03 Nathan ScottCleanup the bench results after the last run.
2002-11-28 fsgqaMinor updates to qa/bench infrastructure.
2002-11-14 fsgqaVery minor fixups.
2002-11-11 fsgqafix a typo - missing closing quote.
2002-11-10 fsgqaMinor QA/bench updates.
2002-11-09 fsgqaFix up stderr handling in bench runs.
2002-11-09 fsgqaSmall updates to dbench test runs, and integrate some...
2002-11-07 fsgqaCrank up dbench, now that everything seems to be quite...
2002-09-20 Nathan ScottRefine QA testing scripts.
2002-09-20 Nathan ScottAdditional refinements of auto-bench stuff.
2002-09-19 Nathan ScottFurther work on a generic benchmarking framework.
2002-09-18 fsgqatrivial updates to get more bits to work together.
2002-09-18 Nathan ScottFirst cut at a framework for running benchmarks along...