merge up to 2.4.12
[xfstests-dev.git] / common.config
2001-10-11 Steve Lordmerge up to 2.4.12
2001-10-08 Nathan StrazAdding permit and indra as test machines
2001-09-28 fsgqaAdd diagnostic output of bulkstat to 024.full file.
2001-05-09 Tim ShimminTest remote dumping with a user specified as well.
2001-04-30 Nathan Scotttroppo qa happens on the last few partitions of an...
2001-04-19 Nathan Scottmove partitions used for qa on troppo around a little.
2001-02-02 fsgqaspecify dump tape for _require_tape.
2001-02-01 fsgqaAdd tape devices for qa testing on fuzzy.
2001-02-01 Andrew GildfindFilter Electric Fence spam.
2001-01-15 Nathan Scottcmd/xfs/stress/001 1.6 Renamed to cmd/xfstests/001