QA updates - make builds on older versions of headers work, reenable rt on bruce.
[xfstests-dev.git] / common.config
2006-06-27 Nathan ScottQA updates - make builds on older versions of headers...
2006-05-23 Tim Shimminadd puffy as test machine
2006-05-10 Barry Naujokadded test machine hammer
2006-05-05 Andrew Jonesadded qaclient cxfsirix1.
2006-04-28 Andrew JonesAdded qa machine hellfire to common.config
2006-02-06 Andrew JonesRemoved snort's non-existant remote irix tape device...
2005-12-09 Nathan ScottQA test updates - fixes for pquota, extsize, fsstress...
2005-11-09 Nathan ScottUpdate copyright annotations and license boilerplates...
2005-10-28 Andrew JonesAdded qa machine porky to common.confing.
2005-10-25 Andrew JonesAdded machine cocky to common.config
2005-07-13 Andrew JonesUpdated common.config to icy new scratch disk partition...
2005-07-11 Andrew JonesUpdated common.config to reflect inferno's scratch...
2005-07-07 Andrew JonesUpdated common.config for sheila's new partition layout.
2005-06-27 Tim ShimminAdd a couple of test boxes for convenience.
2005-06-02 Tim Shimminxfs_io -> XFS_IO_PROG as used by dgc
2005-05-06 Andrew JonesAdded machines rooster and rosella to common.config.
2005-04-08 Nathan ScottDrop 113 from auto group until AIO issue resolved,...
2005-04-08 Nathan ScottAbstract out some common quota shell code, add project...
2004-11-29 Andrew JonesAdded tape info for inferno to common.config
2004-11-16 Nathan ScottAdd in sheilas config.
2004-11-08 Andrew JonesAdded inferno to common.config
2004-10-22 Tim ShimminGet xfstests building on irix using root/toolroot.
2004-09-23 Nathan ScottUpdate QA tests and host configs.
2004-07-09 fsgqaRealtime IO path tests; get local host configs working...
2004-07-09 ptoolsFixed general IRIX/Linux problems when running the...
2004-06-28 ptoolsFixed Linux gmake problem.
2004-06-24 ptoolsAdded asg qa machine emu.
2004-06-24 fsgqaUpdate QA to function correctly with realtime subvolumes.
2004-06-18 ptoolsFix issue with TIMESTAMP and added asg qa machines...
2004-06-18 Eric Sandeenupdate lite test config
2004-06-16 fsgqaQA tweaks - use a single os type source mainly (drop...
2004-06-15 ptoolsFixed merge problems
2003-09-29 Steve Lordfix my machine config
2003-09-22 fsgqaUpdate xfstests control scripts to allow multiple kerne...
2003-08-25 fsgqaUpdate auto-benchmark stuff to remove assumptions about...
2003-07-17 fsgqaQA test updates.
2003-07-07 Nathan Scottxfstests updates - rework build to be like other xfs...
2003-06-25 Nathan ScottAdd flutz into the QA host mix
2003-05-26 fsgqaQA test updates for external log/rt devices.
2003-05-22 fsgqaNumerous changes to QA scripts allowing tests to run...
2003-05-14 fsgqaFix shell botch in recent configuration update to XFS...
2003-05-14 fsgqaFix build - bsd changes from awhile ago introduced...
2003-05-13 fsgqaQA updates.
2002-12-04 Christoph Hellwigupdate test setup
2002-11-28 fsgqaMinor updates to qa/bench infrastructure.
2002-11-19 fsgqaUpdate host frodos config.
2002-11-14 Nathan ScottUpdate entries for hosts troppo and goldfish.
2002-11-10 fsgqaMinor QA/bench updates.
2002-11-04 Christoph HellwigAdd hch's Munich test config
2002-09-18 Nathan ScottFirst cut at a framework for running benchmarks along...
2002-09-05 Steve Lordupdate my test config
2002-06-04 Eric SandeenUpdate copyright dates (again)
2002-06-04 Eric SandeenUndoes mod: xfs-cmds:slinx:120772a
2002-06-04 Eric SandeenUpdate copyright dates
2002-05-28 John KihongeAdding dmnt2 and defining its parameters.
2002-05-16 Nathan Scottupdate config for couple of hosts.
2002-05-08 fsgqafix bruce's remote tape setup, remove couple of old...
2002-01-17 Eric Sandeenadd host "lite"
2002-01-15 Steve LordAdd burst to the test machines list
2002-01-11 Nathan Scottupdate qa host configuration entries.
2001-12-12 Nathan Scottreorganised the partitions on troppo a bit.
2001-10-11 Steve Lordmerge up to 2.4.12
2001-10-08 Nathan StrazAdding permit and indra as test machines
2001-09-28 fsgqaAdd diagnostic output of bulkstat to 024.full file.
2001-05-09 Tim ShimminTest remote dumping with a user specified as well.
2001-04-30 Nathan Scotttroppo qa happens on the last few partitions of an...
2001-04-19 Nathan Scottmove partitions used for qa on troppo around a little.
2001-02-02 fsgqaspecify dump tape for _require_tape.
2001-02-01 fsgqaAdd tape devices for qa testing on fuzzy.
2001-02-01 Andrew GildfindFilter Electric Fence spam.
2001-01-15 Nathan Scottcmd/xfs/stress/001 1.6 Renamed to cmd/xfstests/001