xfstests: resolve symlinked devices to real paths
[xfstests-dev.git] / common.config
2012-10-26 Eric Sandeenxfstests: resolve symlinked devices to real paths
2012-10-24 Tomas RacekUse upstream version of fstrim instead of the local one
2011-12-08 Jan Schmidtxfstests: 276: new test to ensure btrfs backref integrity
2011-11-02 Anand JainAdded SCRATCH_DEV_POOL to specify multiple disks for...
2011-08-25 David Sterbaxfstests: setup and run non-generic mkfs for btrfs
2010-09-11 Arkadiusz MiśkiewiczDon't hardcode paths to many binaries.
2010-08-20 Eric Sandeenxfstests 241: run parallel dbench
2010-03-24 Eric Sandeenxfstests: drop readlink of test devices
2010-01-19 Dave Chinnerxfstests: Convert all tests to use /bin/bash
2009-07-20 Christian Kujaudon't fail if nslookup is not found
2009-07-07 Christoph Hellwigsmall common.config cleanup
2009-06-20 Theodore Ts'ofix common.config to allow SCRATCH_DEV and SCRATCH_MNT...
2009-06-05 Felix BlyakherAdd GPL license plate to SGI's files.
2009-04-23 Eric SandeenRevert "patch more_set_prog_path"
2009-04-19 Eric SandeenMerge branch 'master' of git://git./fs/xfs/xfstests-dev
2009-04-19 Eric Sandeenpatch more_set_prog_path
2008-04-28 Dave Chinnerxfsqa 165 - fails if environment LANG != C
2008-03-26 Tim Shimminadd dump/restore paths to xfstests/common.dump and...
2008-03-14 Barry NaujokAdd xfsprogs version number as environment variable...
2008-01-03 Niv Sardisource /etc/xfsqa.config
2008-01-03 Niv SardiXFSQA cleanup, add per host config files.
2007-11-30 leenap.longdrop... Added config for new mahcine
2007-09-27 leenap.longdrop... -
2007-09-27 leenap.longdrop... -
2007-09-27 leenap.longdrop... added description for ha fs resource
2007-09-20 Lachlan McIlroyAdd test system 'mallet'.
2007-09-04 fergalh.longdrop... change scratch fs to xfs_scratch
2007-08-28 fergalh.longdrop... upddate rizzo1
2007-08-28 fergalh.longdrop... changes gonzo1 variables
2007-08-28 Mohamed BarwaniModify know hosts (kermit1, gonzo1).
2007-08-20 Lachlan McIlroyTest that fsync/sync force file size changes to disk.
2007-08-09 Lachlan McIlroyModify dassi QA scratch device
2007-08-06 Mohamed Barwanimodify galah machine configuration.
2007-06-27 David Disseldorpchange galah QA devs & scratch mount point
2007-05-25 fergalh.longdrop... Changed kermit xfsqa targets
2007-05-22 leenap.longdrop... Adding devices for rizzo to do xfs-qa
2007-04-20 David Disseldorpfix white space between comments
2007-04-20 David DisseldorpA bit of a cleanup of common.config and add new QA...
2007-04-12 Mohamed BarwaniAdded rizzo1 to known host list
2007-04-02 Mohamed Barwanicommon.config minor changes
2007-03-30 David Disseldorpinferno is now called gaspode
2007-03-05 leenap.longdrop... -
2007-03-05 leenap.longdrop... Added changed xfs test device to cxfsaltix2 config.
2007-02-22 leenap.longdrop... Changed the test parametrs for cxfsaltix5.
2007-02-12 David Disseldorpadded flame, modified indentation
2007-01-25 leenap.longdrop... -
2007-01-22 leenap.longdrop... -
2007-01-17 David Disseldorpchange inferno, sheila and chapter11 configs to follow...
2007-01-16 leenap.longdrop... Changed specs for cxfsaltix2
2007-01-16 leenap.longdrop... Updated the config for cxfsaltix2
2007-01-16 Allan RandallIntegrate dmapi suite 1 into xfsqa infrastructure
2007-01-12 leenap.longdrop... Added cxfsaltix2 to the list of known hosts.
2007-01-11 leenap.longdrop... -.
2007-01-11 leenap.longdrop... -
2007-01-11 leenap.longdrop... Modified devices for cxfsaltix5
2007-01-10 leenap.longdrop... Added cxfsaltix5 to list of known hosts
2006-12-20 Barry NaujokUpdated hammer's configuration
2006-12-20 David Disseldorpsmall changes required for 148 prepair tests
2006-12-04 Donald Douwsmaadded scaly
2006-12-03 David Disseldorpadded molten
2006-11-29 David Disseldorpdassi config
2006-11-29 David Disseldorpadd chapter11 config
2006-11-16 David ChattertonAdded vm host on my laptop for QA.
2006-09-19 David Disseldorpadded giro to xfsqa common.config
2006-09-15 Vlad ApostolovFix emy settings
2006-08-23 David Disseldorpchanged infernos logdevs to ramdisk devices
2006-08-18 Nathan ScottFix the file_as_id routine so it works for test 050.
2006-08-04 David Disseldorpchanged dribble scratch disk config
2006-08-04 Allan RandallAdded checks for variables (QA Machines only) allowing...
2006-08-04 David DisseldorpChanged porky xfsqa config
2006-08-04 David Disseldorpadded host screamer
2006-07-07 Andrew JonesThe test device is now used as a nfs filesystem.
2006-06-27 David Disseldorpmodified client
2006-06-27 David Disseldorpadded xfs-qa client
2006-06-27 Nathan ScottQA updates - make builds on older versions of headers...
2006-05-23 Tim Shimminadd puffy as test machine
2006-05-10 Barry Naujokadded test machine hammer
2006-05-05 Andrew Jonesadded qaclient cxfsirix1.
2006-04-28 Andrew JonesAdded qa machine hellfire to common.config
2006-02-06 Andrew JonesRemoved snort's non-existant remote irix tape device...
2005-12-09 Nathan ScottQA test updates - fixes for pquota, extsize, fsstress...
2005-11-09 Nathan ScottUpdate copyright annotations and license boilerplates...
2005-10-28 Andrew JonesAdded qa machine porky to common.confing.
2005-10-25 Andrew JonesAdded machine cocky to common.config
2005-07-13 Andrew JonesUpdated common.config to icy new scratch disk partition...
2005-07-11 Andrew JonesUpdated common.config to reflect inferno's scratch...
2005-07-07 Andrew JonesUpdated common.config for sheila's new partition layout.
2005-06-27 Tim ShimminAdd a couple of test boxes for convenience.
2005-06-02 Tim Shimminxfs_io -> XFS_IO_PROG as used by dgc
2005-05-06 Andrew JonesAdded machines rooster and rosella to common.config.
2005-04-08 Nathan ScottDrop 113 from auto group until AIO issue resolved,...
2005-04-08 Nathan ScottAbstract out some common quota shell code, add project...
2004-11-29 Andrew JonesAdded tape info for inferno to common.config
2004-11-16 Nathan ScottAdd in sheilas config.
2004-11-08 Andrew JonesAdded inferno to common.config
2004-10-22 Tim ShimminGet xfstests building on irix using root/toolroot.
2004-09-23 Nathan ScottUpdate QA tests and host configs.
2004-07-09 fsgqaRealtime IO path tests; get local host configs working...
2004-07-09 ptoolsFixed general IRIX/Linux problems when running the...
2004-06-28 ptoolsFixed Linux gmake problem.