generic/506: mount scratch fs before testing for prjquota presence
[xfstests-dev.git] / common / quota
2019-07-28 Darrick J. Wonggeneric/506: mount scratch fs before testing for prjquo...
2019-07-28 Chao Yucommon/rc: check quota sysfile feature for f2fs
2019-07-28 Chao Yucommon/quota: support f2fs in _require_quota() and...
2019-03-24 Chandan Rajendra_require_prjquota: Disable tests only when using realti...
2018-11-04 Darrick J. Wongquota: clean out speculative preallocations when checki...
2018-10-06 Chao Yucommon/quota: adapt _require_prjquota() for f2fs
2018-06-09 Dave Chinnercommon: convert to SPDX license tags
2018-05-21 Zorro Langcommon/quota: sort lines of repquota output
2018-05-16 Jan Karacommon/quota: Fix _qmount_options for ext4 journalled...
2018-05-16 Jan Karacommon/quota: Make project quota handling work for...
2018-02-22 Eryu Guanfstests: _fail test by default when _scratch_mount...
2017-10-27 Darrick J. Wongquota: clear speculative delalloc when checking quota...
2017-10-09 Theodore Ts'oext4: skip project quota tests if the kernel does not...
2017-03-13 Eric Biggerscommon/quota: remove redundant SELinux detection code
2017-01-15 Darrick J. Wongreflink: fix quota tests to work properly
2016-12-24 Eric Sandeencommon: add _require_getnextquota helper
2016-11-13 Darrick J. Wongfstests: fix some minor problems testing ocfs2
2016-10-20 Amir Goldsteinfstests: fix call sites that used xfs_io directly
2016-09-23 Eric Sandeenxfs: make some xfs project quota tests generic
2016-09-23 Eric Sandeenxfs: modify quota tests to work on generic filesystems
2016-08-15 Eric Sandeencommon/quota: add prjquota to _qmount_option() filter
2015-12-21 Eric Sandeencommon: use mount/umount helpers everywhere
2015-11-02 Eric Sandeencommon: properly quote strings tested with -n
2015-05-26 Andrew Pricecommon: set VFS_QUOTA for gfs2
2013-05-16 Dave Chinnerxfstests: quota not supported on realtime filesystems
2013-03-27 Dave Chinnerxfstests: Decomplicate quota setup in 050
2013-03-27 Dave Chinnerxfstests: RESULTS_DIR needs to be an absolute path
2013-03-27 Dave Chinnerxfstests: introduce a common directory