btrfs/130: remove the dangerous group
[xfstests-dev.git] /
2019-12-29 Josef Bacikfsstress: add the ability to create/delete subvolumes
2018-12-09 Darrick J. Wongfsstress: add copy_file_range support
2018-07-04 Lu Fengqibuild: fix undefined macro: AC_PACKAGE_NEED_GETXATTR_LI...
2018-07-01 Lu Fengqibuild: remove <attr/xattr.h> check
2017-07-28 Eric Biggersbuild: remove IRIX-specific build logic
2017-05-26 Theodore Ts'obuild: Stop relying on OpenSSL
2017-04-27 Gwendal Grignoubuild: allow cros-compilation on chromeOS
2017-04-21 Amir Goldsteinsrc/open_by_handle: program to exercise open_by_handle_...
2017-03-29 Zorro Langfsstress: add mwrite/mread into test operation list
2016-02-28 Eryu Guanfstests: update autoconf rules to define _GNU_SOURCE...
2014-06-17 David Disseldorpsrc/cloner: add CIFS_IOC_COPYCHUNK_FILE support
2014-05-15 Jeff Laytonloggen: fix build vs. newer xfsprogs headers
2014-04-14 Miklos Szeredicommon: add infrastructure for renameat2 syscall tests
2014-03-13 Lukas Czernerbuild: Move fallocate include into global.h
2014-02-18 David Disseldorpsrc/cloner: use btrfs/ioctl.h header if present
2013-08-13 Jan Schmidtxfstests: add fssum tool
2012-12-12 Ben Myersxfstests: update version and changelog
2012-10-31 Jan Engelhardtxfstests: build: use new autoconf constructs
2012-10-24 Mike Frysingerxfstests: rename to