remove dump_allocinfo dmapi test
[xfstests-dev.git] / dmapi / src / suite1 /
2004-12-10 Dean Roehrichupdate the files for dmapi tests
2004-12-10 Dean RoehrichFix the get_dirattrs dmapi test tool
2003-10-07 Dean Roehrichupdate for last change
2003-09-30 Dean Roehrichallow filehandles in dmapi punch_hole test
2003-03-07 Dean Roehrichallow dmapi test tools get/set_dmattr to take handle...
2002-06-06 Dean RoehrichNo Message Supplied
2002-06-04 Eric SandeenUpdate copyright dates (again)
2002-06-04 Eric SandeenUndoes mod: xfs-cmds:slinx:120772a
2002-06-04 Eric SandeenUpdate copyright dates
2002-05-06 Dean RoehrichAllow print_event to mimick minimal hsm.
2002-05-06 Dean Roehrichset MR bits on newly-created files.
2002-04-15 Dean Roehrichlet the user specify a token
2002-03-21 Dean RoehrichAllow user to specify handles, rather than paths which...
2002-02-25 Dean Roehrichallow it to accept the text form of a file handle
2001-12-04 Dean RoehrichNo Message Supplied
2001-11-13 Dean Roehrichread/write/trunc events are managed region events-...
2001-08-10 Dean RoehrichNo Message Supplied
2001-07-31 Dean RoehrichUse automake and libtool for dmapi tests.
2001-03-08 Dean Roehrichmerge irix dmapi test changes
2001-03-07 Dean RoehrichUpdate dmapi test suite, add Makefiles, remove Conscrip...
2001-01-17 Nathan Scottcmd/xfsprogs/libdm/dmapi_tests/README 1.1 Renamed to...