279: test mkfs with various sector sizes & alignments
[xfstests-dev.git] / group
2012-03-08 Eric Sandeen279: test mkfs with various sector sizes & alignments
2012-01-27 Eric Sandeen278: Ensure lost+found is not created with wrong link...
2012-01-04 Li Zefan277: new test to verify on disk ctime update for chattr
2011-12-08 Jan Schmidtxfstests: 276: new test to ensure btrfs backref integrity
2011-11-10 WuBo275: add a write and reserve test
2011-11-10 WuBo274: add a prealloc and reserve test
2011-11-10 WuBo273: add a copy and reserve test
2011-11-10 Bill Kendalladd 059 and 060 to test multi-stream xfsdump
2011-11-03 Dmitry Monakhovxfstress: Test data journaling flag switch for a single...
2011-11-03 Dmitry Monakhovxfstress: add regression testcase for d583fb87a3ff0
2011-11-03 Dmitry Monakhovxfstests: add a new quota test that runs fsstress under...
2011-11-03 Dmitry Monakhovxfstests: add a new test that runs fsstress under ENOSP...
2011-11-03 Bill Kendallxfstests: add 267 and 268 for multiple media files
2011-11-03 Bill Kendallxfstests: add test 266 for testing xfsdump -D
2011-11-02 Anand Jain265: Functional test case for the btrfs raid operations
2011-11-02 Anand Jain264: Functional test case for the btrfs snapshot
2011-10-13 Christoph Hellwigsplit mapped writes vs direct I/O tests from 091
2011-10-06 Alex Elderxfstests: 262: verify project quota values aren't doubled
2011-10-06 Alex Elderxfstests: 261: test failures caused by bogus mtab entries
2011-09-27 Lukas Czerner260: Check proper FITRIM argument handling
2011-09-23 Boris Ranto259: Test xfs fs creation with fs size close to 4 TB
2011-09-23 Eric Sandeen258: test timestamps before the epoch
2011-09-23 Gražvydas Ignotas257: check getdents64() for duplicates
2011-07-20 Allison Hendersonxfstests: Add ENOSPC Hole Punch Test
2011-07-13 Allison Hendersonadd generic hole punch test 255
2011-05-25 Josef Bacikxfstests: add test 254 for testing basic btrfs volume...
2011-05-03 Alex Elderxfstests: 253: test the metadump functionality of xfs_db
2011-04-20 Josef Bacikxfstests 252: add test for fallocate with hole punching
2011-02-22 Lukas CzernerAdd test 251: Check filesystem FITRIM implementation
2011-02-14 Dave Chinnerxfstests: add test to reproduce bmap btree corruption.
2011-01-10 Dave Chinnerxfstests: add simple splice test
2010-12-16 Zhong, Xinxfstests: pwrite hang when writing from mmaped buffer...
2010-11-19 Lachlan McIlroyxfstests 247: Test for race between direct I/O and...
2010-11-19 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: check block truncation after write failure
2010-11-09 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: add test for renaming over non-empty directories
2010-10-01 Arkadiusz Mi?kiewiczxfstests: test 244 to test quota project id setting...
2010-10-01 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: fix 108 and enable it by default
2010-09-08 Akshay Lalxfstests 243: Test to ensure that the EOFBLOCK_FL gets...
2010-08-23 Dave Chinnerxfstests: add a test for XFS_IOC_ZERO_RANGE
2010-08-20 Eric Sandeenxfstests 241: run parallel dbench
2010-07-23 Eric Sandeenxfstests 240: test non-aligned AIO hole-filling
2010-07-14 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: test the aio unwrittent extent conversion...
2010-06-24 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: test open_by_handle() on unlinked and freed...
2010-05-27 Shi Weihuaxfstests: add check for setfacl by non-owner
2010-05-27 Shi Weihuaxfstests: check for ctime updates on link(2)
2010-05-27 Christoph HellwigMerge branch 'quota-tests' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-05-25 Jan KaraAdd test for quota accounting after remount read only
2010-05-25 Jan KaraAdd test of quota limit and info setting
2010-05-25 Jan KaraAdd quota accounting test when fsstress is run and...
2010-05-25 Jan KaraAdd quota test with fsstress
2010-05-25 Jan KaraAdd test of quota accounting using fsx
2010-05-25 Jan KaraTest basic quota enforcement
2010-05-10 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: test extent size hints
2010-05-05 Amit Aroraxfstests 228: New testcase to check if fallocate respec...
2010-04-28 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: new fsr defragmentation test
2010-04-16 Eric Sandeenxfststests 226: test for prealloc/delalloc/reserved...
2010-03-06 Eric Sandeenxfsqa: Add fiemap exerciser
2010-03-06 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: add delayed allocation @ ENOSPC exerciser
2010-02-05 Eric Sandeenxfstests: make 053 and 077 generic
2010-02-03 Eric Sandeenxfstests: 223 - test file alignment on stripe geometry
2010-01-26 Dave Chinnerxfstests: deprecate busted log printing tests
2010-01-20 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: filter the fsstress seed output in 104
2010-01-12 Dave Chinneradd simple xfs_fsr test
2010-01-12 Christoph Hellwigadd a test for ctimes updates in futimens
2010-01-12 Christoph Hellwigtest quota log replay in 087
2009-11-25 Eric SandeenAdd a test for ENOSPC when fallocating.
2009-10-30 Christoph Hellwigtest 220: double inode free in xfs_dqrele_inode
2009-09-02 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: fix 192 for external logs and enable it by...
2009-08-10 Eric SandeenAdd some very basic quota sanity tests for generic...
2009-08-10 Eric SandeenTest a few very basic defragmentation scenarios.
2009-07-30 Eric Sandeenactually hook up 198, make it generic
2009-07-07 Dave Chinnerxfstests: add tests to check log size scaling
2009-07-07 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: test c/mtime updates through mapped writes
2009-06-24 Eric Sandeenfallocate + read/write tests, ext4 regression tests
2009-06-24 Eric Sandeenbasic fallocate boundary tests
2009-06-09 Eric SandeenEnable still more tests for generic filesystems
2009-06-03 Eric SandeenAdd aio-dio-regress tests
2009-05-29 Eric SandeenTest trim of last small AG for large filesystem resizes
2009-04-19 Eric SandeenMerge branch 'master' of git://git./fs/xfs/xfstests-dev
2009-04-13 Felix BlyakherMerge branch 'master' of git://git./fs/xfs/xfstests-dev
2009-04-13 Dave Chinnerxfstests: test 205, test writing to ENOSPC
2009-04-13 Dave Chinnerxfstests: add test 204, a simple delayed allocation...
2009-03-21 Christoph Hellwigadd test 203, xfs_io bmap reallocation
2009-02-23 Christoph Hellwigadd "quick" group
2009-02-20 Christoph Hellwigremove tests 171, 172 and 173 from auto group
2009-01-25 Christoph Hellwigadd test 202, xfs_repair handling of single-AG filesystems
2009-01-22 Christoph Hellwigadd test 201: btree corruption without CONFIG_LBD
2009-01-10 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: add test 200, exercise read-only block device...
2009-01-10 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: add test 199, bad_features2 correction
2008-12-31 Christoph Hellwigtest 197, add a testcase for d_off truncation
2008-12-31 Christoph Hellwigtest 196, add a testcase for renames across project...
2008-12-31 Christoph Hellwigtest 195, add a testcase for the nodump flag
2008-12-30 Eric Sandeentest 194, test tricky mapping/conversion around holes
2008-12-30 Christoph Hellwigadd more tests to the auto group
2008-12-10 Tim ShimminTest out the perm checks in xfs_setattr - chmod, chown...
2008-12-09 Tim ShimminTest out that access time is updated correctly in memor...
2008-11-20 Barry NaujokCreate a tape group for anything which expects
2008-09-05 Tim ShimminUpdate the group file more completely for nfs4acl support
2008-09-05 Tim ShimminCheck in Andreas Gruenbacher's nfs v4 acl tests into...
2008-08-22 Peter LeckieAdd test to check unreserve space hole is the same...