xfs: Verify correctness of upgrading an fs to support large extent counters
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2022-06-03 Zorro Langgeneric/591: use proper sector size
2022-06-03 Zorro Langgeneric/591: remove redundant output from golden image
2022-05-15 Christian Braunervfs/idmapped-mounts: remove invalid test v2022.05.15
2022-05-15 Christian Braunervfstest: split out remaining idmapped mount tests
2022-05-15 Christian Braunervfstest: split out btrfs idmapped mounts test
2022-05-15 Christian Braunervfstest: split idmapped mount tests into separate suite
2022-05-15 Christian Braunerutils: add struct test_suite
2022-05-15 Christian Braunermissing: move sys_execveat() to missing.h
2022-05-15 Christian Braunerutils: move helpers into utils
2022-05-15 Christian Braunerutils: add struct vfstest_info
2022-05-15 Christian Braunerutils: add missing global.h include
2022-05-15 Christian Braunervfstest: rename struct t_idmapped_mounts
2022-05-15 Christian Braunersrc/vfs: rename idmapped-mounts.c file
2022-05-15 Christian Braunersrc: rename idmapped-mounts folder
2022-05-12 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: make all tests set their required...
2022-05-07 Yang Xuidmapped-mounts: Add open with O_TMPFILE operation... v2022.05.08
2022-05-07 Yang Xuidmapped-mounts: Add mknodat operation in setgid test
2022-05-07 Yang Xuidmapped-mounts: Reset errno to zero before run_test
2022-04-26 Christian Braunergeneric: add test for tmpfs POSIX ACLs
2022-04-26 Jan Karageneric/633: Avoid failure without CONFIG_USER_NS
2022-04-26 Jan Karaidmapped_mounts: Prepare for support for more features
2022-04-17 Zorro Langfstests: test dirty pipe vulnerability issue of CVE...
2022-04-10 Eric Biggersfscrypt-crypt-util: add support for dumping key identifier
2022-04-10 Eric Biggersfscrypt-crypt-util: refactor get_key_and_iv()
2022-04-10 Eric Biggersfscrypt-crypt-util: use an explicit --direct-key option
2022-04-10 Filipe Mananageneric: read multiple extents with io_uring
2022-04-10 Ojaswin Mujoosrc/ext4_resize.c: Refactor code and ensure accurate...
2022-03-20 Jan Karageneric: Add test for seekdir
2022-02-20 Qu Wenruosrc/fssum: use newer EVP_* interface to replace depreca...
2022-01-23 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: always run generic vfs tests
2022-01-23 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: add fs_allow_idmap() helper
2022-01-23 Yang Xusrc/ext4_resize.c: set errno to 0 before the strtoull...
2022-01-16 Darrick J. Wongunwritten_sync: convert XFS_IOC_FREESP64 to ftruncate
2022-01-16 Darrick J. Wongalloc: upgrade to fallocate
2022-01-16 Darrick J. Wongxfs: regression test for allocsp handing out stale...
2022-01-16 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: add missing ownership comparisons...
2022-01-16 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: add more explanations to setgid tests
2022-01-16 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: remove redundant fchownat() call in...
2021-12-25 Theodore Ts'oext4/033: test EXT4_IOC_RESIZE_FS by calling the ioctl...
2021-11-21 Christian Braunergeneric: test idmapped mount circular mappings
2021-09-05 Yang Xuidmapped-mounts: Fix build error because of undefined...
2021-09-05 Yang Xuidmapped-mounts: Use renameat instead of renameat2
2021-09-05 Yang Xusrc/idmapped-mounts: Fix an error for the loop initiali...
2021-09-05 Dave Chinnerfstests: which has been deprecated by Debian
2021-08-29 Andreas Gruenbachergeneric: Test page faults during read and write
2021-08-29 Darrick J. Wongidmap: override btrfs_ioctl_vol_args_v2 if system heade...
2021-08-29 Theodore Ts'oext4: add test to validate the large_dir feature
2021-08-22 Christian Braunerbtrfs: introduce btrfs specific idmapped mounts tests
2021-08-22 Christian Braunergeneric: add nested user namespace tests
2021-08-22 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: add nested userns creation helpers
2021-08-22 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: refactor helpers
2021-08-22 Christian Braunergeneric: add fscaps regression test
2021-08-22 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: introduce an explicit command line...
2021-08-22 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: switch to getopt_long_only()
2021-08-22 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: use die() helper
2021-08-08 Darrick J. Wongdmerror: export configuration so that subprograms don...
2021-07-25 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/077: check for inconsistent d_ino/st_ino
2021-07-18 Matthew Wilcoxsrc/seek_sanity_test: test seeks from LLONG_MIN
2021-07-18 Naohiro Aotafstests: install btrfs_crc32c_forged_name.py
2021-06-13 Leah Rumancikext4: test journal checkpoint ioctl
2021-05-23 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: split out run_test() function
2021-05-23 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: add missing newline to print_r()
2021-05-23 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: remove unused set_cloexec() helper
2021-05-23 Zorro Langgeneric: mmap and copy file data with page overlapping
2021-05-23 Darrick J. Wongaio-dio-append-write-fallocate-race: fix directio buffe...
2021-05-23 Darrick J. Wongfsx/fsstress: round blocksize properly
2021-05-16 Amir Goldsteinsrc/t_dir_offset2: Add option to create or unlink file
2021-05-16 Amir Goldsteinsrc/t_dir_offset2: Add an option to find file by name
2021-05-16 Amir Goldsteinsrc/t_dir_offset2: Add an option to limit of buffer...
2021-05-09 Yang Xusrc/idmapped-mounts: Remove useless header file
2021-05-09 Yang Xusrc/idmapped-mounts: use renameat instead of renameat2
2021-05-09 Yang Xusrc: Fix an error for the loop initialization declaration
2021-04-18 Christian Braunercommon/rc: add _scratch_{u}mount_idmapped() helpers
2021-04-18 Christian Braunergeneric: add fstests for idmapped mounts
2021-04-18 Christian Braunergeneric: add test for detached mount propagation
2021-03-20 Yang Xusrc/chprojid_fail.c: Fix undefined compile error on...
2021-03-14 Darrick J. Wongxfs: test delalloc quota leak when chprojid fails
2021-03-14 Darrick J. Wonggeneric: test file writers racing with FIDEDUPERANGE
2021-02-28 Amir Goldsteinsrc/t_immutable: Allow setting flags on existing files
2021-02-28 Amir Goldsteinsrc/t_immutable: factor out some helpers
2021-02-28 David Sterbasrc/splice-test.c: use memalign instead of aligned_alloc
2021-02-07 Sun Kesrc/swapon.c: initiate p to NULL
2021-01-10 Xiao Yangsrc/dmiperf: Remove obsolete dmiperf
2020-12-20 ethanwubtrfs: test if rename handles dir item collision correctly
2020-12-20 Feiyu Zhusrc/t_enospc.c: Fix an error for the loop initializatio...
2020-12-20 Xiao Yangsrc/multi_open_unlink: Stop using attr_set
2020-12-06 Pratik Rajesh Sampatgeneric: ENOSPC regression test in a multi-threaded...
2020-11-15 Zorro Langsrc/feature: add IO_URING feature checking
2020-11-15 Eric Biggersfscrypt-crypt-util: fix maximum IV size
2020-11-08 Jeff Laytonsrc/append_reader.c: print more info when it reads...
2020-10-11 Eric Biggersfscrypt-crypt-util: add --block-number option
2020-10-11 Eric Biggersfscrypt-crypt-util: fix IV incrementing for --iv-ino...
2020-10-11 Eric Biggersfscrypt-crypt-util: clean up parsing --block-size and...
2020-09-27 Eric Sandeensrc/t_mmap_dio: do not build if !HAVE_AIO
2020-06-21 Amir Goldsteinopen_by_handle: add option -z to query file handle...
2020-06-21 Eric Biggersgeneric: verify ciphertext of IV_INO_LBLK_32 encryption...
2020-05-10 Arvind Raghavansrc/fssum: Fix duplicate CLI arguments
2020-04-06 Scott Mayhewgeneric/571: skip test on filesystems that don't suppor...
2020-03-06 Yong Sunfstests: transport two ext4 tests from LTP
2020-03-06 Jeff Moyersrc/t_mmap_collision: fix hard-coded page size