fsx: increase number of logged operations
[xfstests-dev.git] / src /
2014-09-08 Dmitry Monakhovsrc/e4compact: add sparse file optimization
2014-09-08 Dmitry Monakhovsrc/e4compact: handle various block_size correctly
2014-09-08 Dmitry Monakhovsrc/e4compact cleanup
2014-08-13 Dmitry Monakhovext4: add new compacting defragmentation test
2014-08-13 Jeff Moyeraio: test closing the fd before destroying the ioctx
2014-06-17 David Disseldorpsrc/cloner: add CIFS_IOC_COPYCHUNK_FILE support
2014-06-17 David Disseldorpsrc/cloner: check filesystem type
2014-06-17 Eryu Guangeneric: new case to test getcwd(2)
2014-06-17 Jeff Moyerresvtest.c: fix invalid use of sizeof()
2014-05-15 Jeff Laytonloggen: fix build vs. newer xfsprogs headers
2014-05-13 Jeff Laytonlocktest: add a F_GETLK vs. openmode test
2014-05-13 Jeff Laytonlocktest: consolidate do_lock and do_unlock, and add...
2014-05-13 Jeff Laytonlocktest: set f_fd to INVALID_HANDLE on close
2014-05-13 Jeff Laytonlocktest: don't assume that F_OPEN should use O_RDWR
2014-04-22 Konstantin Khlebnikovgeneric/285: fix test for generic SEEK_HOLE/DATA implem...
2014-04-16 Miklos Szeredirenameat2 syscall: turn EEXIST into ENOTEMPTY
2014-04-16 Theodore Ts'ogeneric: add renameat2 system call number for i386
2014-04-14 Theodore Ts'ogeneric: add renameat2 system call number for i386
2014-04-14 Miklos Szeredicommon: add infrastructure for renameat2 syscall tests
2014-04-04 Hannes Frederic... fs: add directories hash collision test
2014-03-13 Lukas Czernerbuild: Move fallocate include into global.h
2014-03-13 Eric Sandeenaio-dio: fix error msg in aio-dio-subblock-eof-read.c
2014-02-18 David Disseldorpsrc/cloner: use btrfs/ioctl.h header if present
2014-02-18 David Disseldorpbtrfs: add small program for clone testing
2014-02-06 Eric Sandeenxfs/008: initialize "valid" bitmap in randholes.c
2014-01-20 Eric Sandeenxfstests: allow override of XFS_IOC_DIOINFO
2013-11-12 Eryu Guanxfstests: fix compile error of src/fssum.c on bigendian...
2013-11-09 Stanislav Kholmanskikhxfstests: src/feature.c: print a number of online CPUs
2013-11-09 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: posix_memalign and io_submit do not set errno
2013-08-19 Dwight Engenxfstests: add nsexec user namespace helper
2013-08-13 Jan Schmidtxfstests: add fssum tool
2013-07-08 Eryu Guanxfstests generic/313: test ctime and mtime are updated...
2013-06-25 Josef Bacikxfstests: fsync-tester: fix pwrite() return check and...
2013-06-03 Jan Karaxfstests 285: Test offsets over 4GB
2013-06-03 Eric Sandeenxfstests: fix seek_sanity_test for fs w/o fallocate
2013-05-31 Jan Karaxfstests 285: Fix indentation of do_pwrite
2013-05-28 Eric Sandeenxfstests: fix src/seek_sanity_test -t option
2013-05-28 Zhi Yong Wuxfstests: cleanup the codes related to h_chksum
2013-05-14 Zheng LiuIn xfstest 285/286 we don't check whether the target...
2013-05-03 Josef Bacikxfstests 311: test fsync with dm flakey V4
2013-05-03 Rich JohnstonRevert "xfstests 311: test fsync with dm flakey V3"
2013-05-03 Josef Bacikxfstests 311: test fsync with dm flakey V3
2013-04-05 Zhao Hongjiangxfstests generic 310: check concurrently of readdir...
2013-03-11 Jeff Moyerxfstests, aio-dio-extend-stat.c: fix error reporting
2013-03-05 Eric Whitneyxfstests: use native definition of O_DIRECT flag
2013-01-29 Andrew Dahlxfstests: SGI license update for looptest.c
2012-11-28 Rich JohnstonRevert "xfstests: resolve symlinked devices to real...
2012-11-28 Rich JohnstonRevert "xfstests: fix to build src/realpath and the...
2012-11-21 Rich Johnstonxfstests: resolve compiler warnings
2012-11-21 Rich Johnstonxfstests: remove unsupported conditionals
2012-11-21 satxfstests: fix to build src/realpath and the correct...
2012-11-20 wenqing.lzxfstests: get return value in seek_sanity_test
2012-10-26 Eric Sandeenxfstests: resolve symlinked devices to real paths
2012-10-24 Tomas RacekUse upstream version of fstrim instead of the local one
2012-09-24 Jeff Liuxfstests: fix a compile warning at seek_sanity_test.c
2012-09-13 Ben MyersMerge branch 'master' of git://git./fs/xfs/xfstests-dev
2012-09-06 Rich Johnstonxfstests: Use libtool to install applications
2012-08-08 Ben MyersMerge branch 'master' of git://git./fs/xfs/xfstests-dev
2012-05-11 Jeff Liuxfstests: introduce 286 for SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE copy...
2012-05-11 Jeff Liuxfstests: introduce 285 for SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE sanity...
2011-09-23 Gražvydas Ignotas257: check getdents64() for duplicates
2011-09-23 Lukas Czernerfstrim: Use strtoull instead of strtoul
2011-08-22 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: fix loggen compile against recent xfsprogs...
2011-08-03 Stefan Behrensmake t_immutable and 079 filesystem-agnostic
2011-05-04 Eric Sandeenxfstests: clean up fallocate configuration tests
2011-04-15 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: reduce error output on 229
2011-03-11 Alex Elderxfstests: some refinements on "make depend"
2011-03-09 Alex Elderxfstests: fix a few build warnings
2011-03-08 Eric Sandeen225: add additional fiemap-tester run without sync
2011-03-08 Eric SandeenFix fiemap-tester for fewer extents returned
2011-02-23 Eric SandeenNotify via syslog when godown is shutting down fs
2011-02-22 Lukas CzernerAdd test 251: Check filesystem FITRIM implementation
2011-02-16 Lukas Czerner089: fix error caused by weird stdout buffer handling
2011-02-13 Jeff Moyeraiodio_sparse2: fix up alignment for 4k logical block...
2011-01-07 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: make hole tests independent of speculative alloc...
2010-12-16 Alex Elderxfstests: ensure uint64_t is defined for <linux/fs.h>
2010-12-16 Zhong, Xinxfstests: pwrite hang when writing from mmaped buffer...
2010-11-19 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: check block truncation after write failure
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: a few final cleanups
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: encapsulate argument parsing
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: clean up readblks()
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: encapsulate realtime setup code
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: use posix_memalign()
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: encapsulate direct I/O setup code
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: hide some Irix/Linux differences...
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: rearrange fns and drop their decla...
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: document options a bit more
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: only allocate write buffer when...
2010-10-19 Alex Elderxfstests: randholes: Fix two bugs
2010-07-23 Eric Sandeenxfstests 240: test non-aligned AIO hole-filling
2010-07-14 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: test the aio unwrittent extent conversion...
2010-06-24 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: test open_by_handle() on unlinked and freed...
2010-05-10 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: test extent size hints
2010-05-04 Tao Maxfstests: Add query fiemap count test.
2010-05-04 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: build dbtest on debian platforms
2010-05-01 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: fix fiemap-tester when build without fallocate
2010-03-06 Eric Sandeenxfsqa: Add fiemap exerciser
2010-02-13 Alex Elderxfstests: fix some warnings
2010-02-09 Eric Sandeenxfstests: fix up fs_perms test used by 126
2010-02-03 Eric Sandeenxfstests: 223 - test file alignment on stripe geometry