generic/{094,225}: skip test when the xfs rt extent size is larger than 1 fsb
[xfstests-dev.git] / tests / generic / 094
2021-04-18 Darrick J. Wonggeneric/{094,225}: skip test when the xfs rt extent...
2020-09-20 Darrick J. Wongcommon: kill _supported_os
2018-06-09 Dave Chinnergeneric: convert tests to SPDX license tags
2016-11-14 Eryu Guangeneric: fix $tmp path in tests
2016-06-15 Theodore Ts'ogeneric: mark tests that require O_DIRECT
2016-02-18 Hugh Dickinsxfstests: add executable permission to tests
2016-02-12 Darrick J. Wongcommon: create _require_test_program to look for progra...
2015-08-04 Josef Bacikgeneric: add fiemap test that does prealloc