xfs: skip tests that rely on allocation behaviors of the data device
[xfstests-dev.git] / tests / xfs / 205
2020-09-20 Darrick J. Wongxfs: skip tests that rely on allocation behaviors of...
2018-11-18 Xiao Yangxfs/205: Fix that b2 variable is treated as octal vaule
2018-11-04 Darrick J. Wongxfs/205: update for v5 filesystems
2018-06-09 Dave Chinnerxfs: convert tests to SPDX license tags
2014-09-08 Dave Chinnercommon: don't check scratch dev on all tests
2013-10-16 Eric Sandeenxfstests: fix xfs/205 for new log size defaults
2013-04-04 Rich Johnstonxfstests: cleanup duplicates in all tests
2013-03-27 Dave Chinnerxfstests: introduce a common directory
2013-03-27 Dave Chinnerxfstests: convert tests to use new results directory
2013-03-26 Dave Chinnerxfstests: move xfs specific tests out of top directory