fstests: convert remaining tests to SPDX license tags
[xfstests-dev.git] / tests / xfs /
2018-06-09 Dave Chinnerxfs: convert tests to SPDX license tags
2018-06-08 Darrick J. Wongxfs: make sure pretty printed geometry output matches
2018-06-08 Darrick J. Wongxfs: abstract xfs_info into $XFS_INFO_PROG
2018-06-08 Darrick J. Wongxfs/310: fix _require_scratch_nocheck ordering
2018-06-08 Darrick J. Wongxfs/122: fix sb_fname[XFSLABEL_MAX] in test
2018-06-08 Darrick J. Wongxfs/439: don't check filesystem afterwards
2018-06-05 Xiao Yangxfs: Regression test for vulnerable directory integrity...
2018-06-03 Jan Karaxfs/310: Cleanup
2018-06-03 Dave Chinnerfstests: get rid of set_prog_path
2018-05-31 Theodore Ts'ofstests: update the punch, collapse, insert, and zero...
2018-05-26 Eric Sandeenxfs/206: filter/fix for minor geometry reporting changes
2018-05-26 Darrick J. Wongxfs/447: fix typo
2018-05-23 Omar Sandovalfstests: create swap group
2018-05-21 Zorro Langcommon/quota: sort lines of repquota output
2018-05-21 Jan Karageneric: Handle missing [gs]etcap tools
2018-05-16 Dave Chinnerxfs: test mount vs superblock shrinker races
2018-05-14 Zorro Langxfs: skip growfs test on large device
2018-05-11 Darrick J. Wongxfs: checkbashisms in all script files
2018-05-11 Dave Chinnerxfs: test inobt/on disk free state mismatches
2018-05-11 Dave Chinnerfstests: many dangerous+auto tests are not dangerous...
2018-05-05 Amir Goldsteinxfs/132: remove duplicate test
2018-05-02 Darrick J. Wongxfs: fix blocktrash fuzzers
2018-05-02 Darrick J. Wongxfs/422: add fsstress to the freeze-and-rmap-repair...
2018-04-27 Brian Fosterxfs: filestream allocator inode use-after-free test
2018-04-22 yang xucommon/xfs: Add require_xfs_db_write_array function
2018-04-14 Darrick J. Wongxfs/187: fix ftype brokenness
2018-03-29 Darrick J. Wongxfs/278: find sfdir inode field prefix
2018-03-28 Darrick J. Wongxfs: test agfl reset on bad list wrapping
2018-02-22 Eryu Guanfstests: _fail test by default when _scratch_mount...
2018-02-15 Eryu Guanxfs/015: enlarge the initial fs size
2018-02-08 Brian Fosterxfs: rmapbt swapext block reservation overrun test
2018-02-08 Darrick J. Wongxfs: regression tests for reflink quota bugs
2018-02-08 Darrick J. Wongxfs/348: dir->symlink corruption must not be allowed
2018-02-08 Darrick J. Wongxfs_scrub: remove -y parameter
2018-01-25 Darrick J. Wongxfs/24[356]: checking cow fork bmap requires CONFIG_XFS...
2018-01-25 Darrick J. Wongxfs/122: fix xfs header ordering problems
2018-01-21 xiao yangxfs: Regression test for invalid sb_logsunit
2018-01-21 xiao yangcommon: Add _require_no_xfs_bug_on_assert and factor...
2018-01-19 Richard Wareingxfs/realtime: Fix direct invocations of xfs_repair
2018-01-19 Richard Wareingxfs/realtime: add _require_no_rtinherit function
2018-01-19 Richard Wareingxfs/realtime: Add require_no_realtime function
2018-01-12 Hou Taoxfs: test for umount hang caused by the pending dquota...
2018-01-12 Hou Taocommon/rc: factor out _scratch_xfs_[get|set]_sb_field
2018-01-09 Darrick J. Wongxfs: find libxfs api violations
2017-12-24 Luis R. Rodriguezxfs/040: document purpose
2017-12-15 Darrick J. Wongxfs: fix tests to handle removal of no-alloc create...
2017-11-26 Eryu Guanfstests: filter mount error message for EUCLEAN and...
2017-11-16 Darrick J. Wongxfs/122: don't check xfs_iext_cursor
2017-11-10 Darrick J. Wongxfs: test that we don't leak inodes and dquots during...
2017-11-10 Darrick J. Wongxfs/31[2-7]: hide pwrite fsync errors that are supposed...
2017-11-10 Eryu Guanfstests: do not call _scratch_mkfs_sized in a pipe
2017-11-04 Darrick J. Wongxfs/020: check that we have enough space to write out...
2017-11-03 Darrick J. Wongxfs/013: don't fail because cp ran out of space
2017-11-03 Darrick J. Wongxfs: filter and record the unknown block state messages
2017-11-03 Darrick J. Wongxfs/122: add inode log formats
2017-11-03 Darrick J. Wongxfs/333: fix errors with new inode pointer verifiers
2017-10-15 Brian Fosterxfs: test for NULL xattr buffer problem during unlink
2017-10-10 Hans Holmbergxfs/246: add _require_scratch
2017-10-03 Dave Chinnerfstests: update mkfs.xfs filters for new refactoring
2017-10-01 Darrick J. Wongxfs: test increased overlong directory extent discard...
2017-09-29 Xiong Zhoutests: add new group dax
2017-09-24 Richard Wareingxfs: Add test for CVE-2017-14340
2017-09-19 Christoph Hellwigxfs/310: relax extent count check
2017-09-18 xiao yangxfs/115: add missing 115 into group file
2017-09-17 Carlos Maiolinoxfs: Test infinite loop while searching for a free...
2017-09-03 Darrick J. Wongxfs: test rmapbt updates are correct with insert/collap...
2017-09-03 Darrick J. Wongxfs/122: fix the size of fsop_ag_resblks structure
2017-09-03 Darrick J. Wongxfs/013: exit cleaner thread if fsstress dies
2017-09-03 Darrick J. Wongxfs/{319,323}: don't checksum files after log recovery
2017-09-03 Zorro Langxfs/095: require 512b sector size SCRATCH_DEV
2017-08-24 Darrick J. Wongxfs: test fuzzing every field of a dquot
2017-08-22 Darrick J. Wongxfs: test xfs_db fuzz command verbs
2017-08-18 Brian Fosterxfs: test for log recovery failure after tail overwrite
2017-08-15 Xiao Yangxfs/424: add check for finobt && update comments
2017-08-07 Darrick J. Wongcommon/inject: refactor helpers to use new errortag...
2017-07-28 Bill O'Donnellxfs: test xfs_db to ensure type size taken into account...
2017-07-28 Zorro Langxfs/068: update golden output due to new operations...
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: clean up per-OS output files
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: remove IRIX support from tests also supported...
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: remove xfs/057 and xfs/058
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: remove xfs/114 and xfs/115
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: port xfs/095 to Linux
2017-07-07 Brian Fosterxfs/297: fail test if _scratch_mount fails
2017-07-03 Darrick J. Wongxfs: scrub while appending to a file
2017-06-29 Darrick J. Wongxfs: test freeze/rmap repair race
2017-06-29 Darrick J. Wongxfs/274: flip shared bits to reflect xfsprogs usage
2017-06-22 Darrick J. Wongxfs: seek data and holes that are in the CoW fork only
2017-06-22 Darrick J. Wongxfs/040: use compare-libxfs in xfsprogs
2017-06-20 Darrick J. Wongxfs: don't allow realtime swap files
2017-05-25 Zorro Langxfs/288: filter out extra mkfs warning
2017-05-25 Zorro Langxfs/196: fallback to fail_writes for old kernel
2017-05-23 Nikolay Borisovxfs/293: Make 'man' hard requirement
2017-05-19 Eric Biggersfstests: skip AIO-related tests when CONFIG_AIO=n
2017-05-17 Xiao Yangcommon: use _require_xfs_io_command() directly to check...
2017-05-04 Eric Sandeenxfs: test fragmented multi-fsb readdir
2017-04-28 Bill O'Donnellxfs: xfs_growfs target path must be an active xfs mount...
2017-04-25 Zorro Langxfs: xfs_repair should junk empty attribute leaf blocks
2017-04-21 Eric Sandeenxfs/293: make test more robust
2017-04-14 Darrick J. Wongxfs/348: update error message when transmogrifying...
2017-03-29 Zorro Langxfs/068: update golden output due to new operations...