2001-01-25 Nathan Scottminor porting issue wrt versions of touch cmd.
2001-01-21 fsgqafix ptools & auto update
2001-01-19 Steve Lordxfs_attr is now called attr
2001-01-19 Nathan Scottsupport cvs-driven updates in addition to ptools commands.
2001-01-19 Nathan Scottneed a copy of this here too.
2001-01-18 Tim ShimminAdd 051 to auto group for qa run.
2001-01-18 fsgqafix install-dev target
2001-01-17 fsgqafixups for qa after build changes
2001-01-17 Nathan Scottadd a couple of dmapi headers to the set we cross check...
2001-01-17 Nathan Scottcmd/xfsprogs/libdm/dmapi_tests/README 1.1 Renamed to...
2001-01-16 Nathan Scottadd some missing exits on configure failure.
2001-01-16 Nathan Scottfix references to old directory structure.
2001-01-16 Nathan Scottremove references to testrmt since this ain't used.
2001-01-16 Nathan Scottfinish off the tests restructuring.
2001-01-16 Nathan Scottfinish off the tests restructuring.
2001-01-15 Tim ShimminAdd XFS/ACL support
2001-01-15 Nathan Scottcmd/xfs/tools/README.auto-qa 1.1 Renamed to cmd/xfstest...
2001-01-15 Nathan Scottcmd/xfs/stress/001 1.6 Renamed to cmd/xfstests/001