2022-05-21 Dave Chinnerfstests: fix group list generation for whacky test...
2022-05-21 Dave Chinnerfstests: remove xfs deprecated test
2022-05-21 Dave Chinnerxfs/191: remove broken test
2022-05-21 Dave Chinnerxfs/148: fix failure from bad shortform size assumptions
2022-05-21 Dave Chinnerxfs/148: make test debuggable
2022-05-21 Dave Chinnerxfs/348: golden output is not correct
2022-05-21 Dave Chinnerxfs/122: add attribute log formats to test output.
2022-05-21 Dave Chinnerfstests: filter quota warnings
2022-05-21 Dave Chinnercommon/rc: fix test init performance regression on XFS
2022-05-21 Dave Chinnerfstests: tests should not source common/rc directly
2022-05-21 Eric Biggersgeneric/556: add test case for top-level dir rename
2022-05-21 Gabriel Krisman... generic/556: Filter touch error message
2022-05-21 Christoph Hellwigfstests: add a btrfs read_repair group
2022-05-21 Zorro Langgeneric/603: use project quota create and restore commo...
2022-05-21 Zorro Langgeneric: soft quota limits testing within grace time
2022-05-16 Ojaswin Mujoocommon/rc: Modify _require_batched_discard to improve...
2022-05-15 Christian Braunervfs/idmapped-mounts: remove invalid test v2022.05.15
2022-05-15 Christian Braunervfstest: split out remaining idmapped mount tests
2022-05-15 Christian Braunervfstest: split out btrfs idmapped mounts test
2022-05-15 Christian Braunervfstest: split idmapped mount tests into separate suite
2022-05-15 Christian Braunerutils: add struct test_suite
2022-05-15 Christian Braunermissing: move sys_execveat() to missing.h
2022-05-15 Christian Braunerutils: move helpers into utils
2022-05-15 Christian Braunerutils: add struct vfstest_info
2022-05-15 Christian Braunerutils: add missing global.h include
2022-05-15 Christian Braunervfstest: rename struct t_idmapped_mounts
2022-05-15 Christian Braunersrc/vfs: rename idmapped-mounts.c file
2022-05-15 Christian Braunersrc: rename idmapped-mounts folder
2022-05-12 Christian Brauneridmapped-mounts: make all tests set their required...
2022-05-12 Gabriel Krisman... casefold: Fix expansion of seqres variable
2022-05-11 Baokun Licommon: xfstests support overlay+tmpfs
2022-05-11 Yang Xugeneric/68[3-7]: Add separate sgid stripping sub-tests
2022-05-10 Eric Biggersext4/053: fix the rejected mount option testing
2022-05-09 Filipe Mananageneric: test fsync of directory with renamed symlink
2022-05-07 Yang Xuidmapped-mounts: Add open with O_TMPFILE operation... v2022.05.08
2022-05-07 Yang Xuidmapped-mounts: Add mknodat operation in setgid test
2022-05-07 Yang Xuidmapped-mounts: Reset errno to zero before run_test
2022-05-07 Chandan Babu Rxfs/533: Delete test since directory's extent count...
2022-05-07 Dave Chinnerfstests: faster group file creation
2022-05-02 Amir Goldsteincommon: print hints for reasons of test failures
2022-05-02 Amir Goldsteincommon: support black listing fs in _supported_fs()
2022-04-29 Josef Bacikfstests: add some missing _require_loop's v2022.05.01
2022-04-28 Yang Xugeneric/673: Add separate sgid stripping sub-tests
2022-04-28 Zorro Langfsstress: remove ALLOCSP and FREESP operations entirely
2022-04-26 Chung-Chiang... fstests: btrfs: test setting compression via xattr...
2022-04-26 Eric Sandeenfstests: remove xfs/144
2022-04-26 Theodore Ts'ogeneric/681, generic/682: add debugging information...
2022-04-26 Murphy Zhouchown: fix ownership format string
2022-04-26 Christian Braunergeneric: add test for tmpfs POSIX ACLs
2022-04-26 Darrick J.... generic: ensure we drop suid after fallocate
2022-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs: make sure syncfs(2) passes back super_operations...
2022-04-26 Rishabh Davecephfs: add ceph-fuse suport for ceph-fuse
2022-04-26 Darrick J.... generic/019: fix incorrect unset statements
2022-04-26 Darrick J.... xfs/019: fix golden output for files created in setgid dir
2022-04-26 Eric Sandeenxfs: test xfsdump when an inode < root inode is present
2022-04-26 Zorro Langfstests: remove _wipe_fs from dump testing entirely
2022-04-26 Jan Karageneric/633: Avoid failure without CONFIG_USER_NS
2022-04-26 Jan Karaidmapped_mounts: Prepare for support for more features
2022-04-17 Darrick J.... generic: test that renaming into a directory fails...
2022-04-17 Darrick J.... generic: test that linking into a directory fails with...
2022-04-17 Dave Chinnergeneric/019: kill background processes on interrupt
2022-04-17 Darrick J.... xfs/216: handle larger log sizes
2022-04-17 Darrick J.... xfs: test mkfs.xfs config file stack corruption issues
2022-04-17 Darrick J.... common/rc: let xfs_scrub tell us about its unicode...
2022-04-17 Luís Henriquesceph/001: add extra check for remote object copies
2022-04-17 Eric Whitneycommon/filter: extend _filter_xfs_io to match -nan
2022-04-17 Eric Biggerscommon/encrypt: use a sub-keyring within the session...
2022-04-17 Liu Yidingcommon/rc: Skip virtiofs when _require_exportfs
2022-04-17 Darrick J.... xfs/187: don't rely on FSCOUNTS for free space data
2022-04-17 Darrick J.... xfs/507: add test to auto group
2022-04-17 David Disseldorpgeneric/020: fix max_attrval_size output filter
2022-04-17 David Disseldorpgeneric/020: fix max_attrval_size for XFS, UDF, Btrfs...
2022-04-17 David Disseldorpgeneric/020: add and use _attr_get_max()
2022-04-17 David Disseldorpgeneric/020: move MAX_ATTRS and MAX_ATTRVAL_SIZE logic
2022-04-17 Filipe Mananacommon/rc: fix _try_scratch_mount() and _test_mount...
2022-04-17 Zorro Langfstests: test dirty pipe vulnerability issue of CVE...
2022-04-17 Zorro Langfstests: replace hexdump with od command
2022-04-10 Christian Braunercommon: allow to run all tests on idmapped mounts
2022-04-10 Luís Henriquescommon/encrypt: allow the use of 'fscrypt:' as key...
2022-04-10 David Disseldorpbtrfs: drop no-op count=$(( count-- ))
2022-04-10 Zorro Langfsx: remove XFS_IOC_ALLOCSP operation entirely
2022-04-10 Pankaj Raghavbtrfs/237: Use zone cap instead of zone size in fill_si...
2022-04-10 Qu Wenruobtrfs/194: allow it to be run on systems with page...
2022-04-10 Qu Wenruocommon/btrfs: don't skip the test if BTRFS_PROFILE_CONF...
2022-04-10 Catherine Hoangxfs/019: extend protofile test
2022-04-10 Josef Bacikbtrfs/029: change the cross vfsmount reflink test
2022-04-10 Josef Bacikgeneric/374: validate cross-vfsmount dedupe
2022-04-10 Josef Bacikgeneric/373: change test to validate cross-vfsmount...
2022-04-10 Boyang Xuegeneric/674: replace _require_scratch_reflink with...
2022-04-10 Sun Kegeneric/066: attr1 is still there after log replay...
2022-04-10 Dai Shiligeneric/631: use trusted.* extended attributes to filte...
2022-04-10 Nitesh Shettygeneric/108: use blockdev utility to calculate physical...
2022-04-10 Filipe Mananageneric: fallocate against a file range with a mix...
2022-04-10 Eric Biggerscommon/encrypt: verify the key identifiers
2022-04-10 Eric Biggerscommon/encrypt: log full ciphertext verification params
2022-04-10 Eric Biggersfscrypt-crypt-util: add support for dumping key identifier
2022-04-10 Eric Biggersfscrypt-crypt-util: refactor get_key_and_iv()
2022-04-10 Eric Biggersfscrypt-crypt-util: use an explicit --direct-key option
2022-04-10 Darrick J.... xfs/17[013]: fix intermittent failures when filesystem...
2022-04-10 Darrick J.... xfs/076: only create files on the data device