2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: remove udf/101
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: remove udf/098
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: port xfs/095 to Linux
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: port generic/097 to Linux
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: port generic/093 to Linux
2017-07-21 Eric Biggersgeneric/192: use shorter sleep and tolerate 2s delay
2017-07-20 Eric Biggersgeneric/421: stop test from hanging on buggy kernels
2017-07-19 Jeff Laytongeneric: add a less thorough testing mode for fsync...
2017-07-19 Ernesto A.... generic: add test of file mode when setfacl fails
2017-07-19 Ernesto A.... common/attr: fix check for _require_attrs()
2017-07-19 Ernesto A.... common/rc: support jfs in _scratch_mkfs_sized
2017-07-16 Filipe Mananabtrfs: test direct IO write against raid5/6 filesystems
2017-07-16 Darrick J.... generic: test negative SEEK_HOLE/SEEK_DATA offsets
2017-07-16 Amir Goldsteinoverlay: enable the index feature for overlay/hardlink...
2017-07-16 Amir Goldsteinfstests: add helper _require_scratch_feature
2017-07-14 Amir Goldsteinoverlay: test mount error cases with exclusive directories
2017-07-14 Amir Goldsteinoverlay: test cases that force read-only mount
2017-07-14 Amir Goldsteinoverlay: create overlay/mount test group
2017-07-14 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/014: fix test with inodes index enabled
2017-07-14 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/014: remove unneeded require and include
2017-07-14 Darrick J.... reflink: test unlinking a huge extent with a lot of...
2017-07-07 Brian Fosterxfs/297: fail test if _scratch_mount fails
2017-07-06 Eric Biggersgeneric/095, generic/247: unmount correct devices
2017-07-06 Amir Goldsteinoverlay: test dropping nlink below zero
2017-07-06 Amir Goldsteinoverlay: test nlink accounting of overlay hardlinks
2017-07-06 Amir Goldsteinoverlay: test concurrent copy up of lower hardlinks
2017-07-06 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/018: test lower hardlinks re-unite on copy up
2017-07-06 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/018: test broken hardlinks after mount cycle
2017-07-06 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/018: print hardlink content to golden output
2017-07-06 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/018: re-factor and add to hardlink group
2017-07-04 Xiao Yanggeneric/446: add __xfs_get_blocks() into _filter_xfs_dmesg
2017-07-03 Darrick J.... xfs: scrub while appending to a file
2017-07-03 Darrick J.... ext4: don't online scrub ever
2017-07-03 Darrick J.... common/rc: test that the xfs_io scrub/repair commands...
2017-07-03 Darrick J.... common/populate: remember multi-device configurations
2017-07-03 zhangyi (F)overlay/031: add tests of whiteouts in lowerdir and...
2017-07-03 zhangyi (F)overlay/031: factor out _create_whiteout() helper
2017-06-29 Darrick J.... xfs: test freeze/rmap repair race
2017-06-29 Xiao Yanggeneric: test a race between dio reads and mapped writes
2017-06-29 Darrick J.... xfs/274: flip shared bits to reflect xfsprogs usage
2017-06-29 Brian Fostergeneric/247: filter out expected XFS warnings for mixed...
2017-06-29 Luis Henriquescommon/rc: handle the case when syscall isn't available
2017-06-29 Lu Fengqibtrfs/027: reorder the arguments of btrfs replace
2017-06-29 Filipe Mananabtrfs: test incremental send after replacing directory...
2017-06-29 Luis Henriquesgeneric/430: Fix filename in "copy beyond end" test
2017-06-27 David DisseldorpREADME: remove incorrect check -udf usage
2017-06-26 Andreas Gruenbachersrc/seek_sanity_test: Fix for filesystems without unwri...
2017-06-26 Andreas Gruenbachergeneric: Another SEEK_HOLE/SEEK_DATA sanity test
2017-06-26 Andreas Gruenbacherseek_sanity_test: Report the actual allocation size
2017-06-26 Eric Sandeengeneric/401: Test mountpoint not subdir for filetype...
2017-06-22 Jan Karageneric: Test SGID inheritance with default ACLs
2017-06-22 Darrick J.... xfs: seek data and holes that are in the CoW fork only
2017-06-22 Darrick J.... xfs/040: use compare-libxfs in xfsprogs
2017-06-22 Zorro Langgeneric: test writev with page fault when it processes iov
2017-06-20 Jeff Laytonbtrfs: make a btrfs version of writeback error reportin...
2017-06-20 Jeff Laytongeneric: test writeback error handling on dmerror devices
2017-06-20 Jeff Laytongeneric: add a writeback error handling test
2017-06-20 Jeff Laytonext3: allow it to put journal on a separate device...
2017-06-20 Jeff Laytonext4: allow ext4 to use $SCRATCH_LOGDEV
2017-06-20 Darrick J.... xfs: don't allow realtime swap files
2017-06-19 zhangyi (F)overlay: test whiteout check in impure dir
2017-06-16 Eric Biggersgeneric/397: be compatible with ignored SIGPIPE
2017-06-15 Filipe Mananabtrfs: incremental send after renaming a file and a...
2017-06-14 Jan Karacommon: UDF does not support journalling
2017-06-14 Jan Karageneric/360: Create symlink with valid path
2017-06-13 Eric Biggersgeneric: test for buggy fscrypt context consistency...
2017-06-08 Filipe Mananabtrfs: test incremental send after renaming and linking...
2017-06-08 David Oberhollenzerfstests: Fix block device requirements and manual scrat...
2017-06-08 David Oberhollenzergeneric/398: Accept failing with EPERM in addition...
2017-06-08 David Oberhollenzerfstests: Add support for UBIFS
2017-06-08 David Oberhollenzercommon/rc: Add tests for character devices
2017-06-08 Omar Sandovalbtrfs: test Btrfs delalloc accounting overflow
2017-06-06 Nikolay Borisovgeneric/019: Silence possible kill failure
2017-06-03 Nikolay Borisovcommon/rc: Fix wrong word in _require_group
2017-06-02 Filipe Mananageneric: hole punching followed by writes in the same...
2017-06-02 Nikolay Borisovsrc/listxattr: Fix reading past the end of the user...
2017-06-02 Eryu Guanbuild: workaround build failures with old autoconf...
2017-06-02 Jan Karageneric: Add regression test for tail page zeroing
2017-05-26 Eryu Guannfs: test nfs4_getfacl near page size ACL from server
2017-05-26 Theodore Ts'obuild: Stop relying on OpenSSL
2017-05-25 Nikolay Borisovgeneric/108: Fix return value check from _get_scsi_debu...
2017-05-25 Zorro Langxfs/288: filter out extra mkfs warning
2017-05-25 Zorro Langxfs/196: fallback to fail_writes for old kernel
2017-05-23 Luis Henriquessrc/seek_sanity_test: fix test15 SEEK_HOLE expected...
2017-05-23 Nikolay Borisovxfs/293: Make 'man' hard requirement
2017-05-23 Richard Weinbergersrc/stat_test: Fix stx_attributes check
2017-05-22 Theodore Ts'osrc: fix compiler warnings
2017-05-19 Eric Biggersfstests: skip AIO-related tests when CONFIG_AIO=n
2017-05-19 Liu Bobtrfs: regression test for nocsum buffered read's repair
2017-05-19 Liu Bobtrfs: regression test for nocsum dio read's repair
2017-05-19 Liu Bobtrfs: regression test for btrfs buffered read's repair
2017-05-19 Liu Bobtrfs: regression test for btrfs dio read repair
2017-05-19 Liu Bocommon/filter: add _filter_filefrag
2017-05-19 Zorro Langfsstress: cleanup flist with test directory together
2017-05-18 Ross Zwislergeneric: add regression test for DAX PTE/PMD races
2017-05-17 Jan Karageneric: Add more SEEK_HOLE tests
2017-05-17 Eric Biggersgeneric: test that encrypted filenames are presented...
2017-05-17 Xiao Yangcommon: cleanup _require_xfs_io_command
2017-05-17 Xiao Yangcommon: use _require_xfs_io_command() directly to check...
2017-05-12 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/017: test consistent st_ino/d_ino for hardlinks