2016-04-05 Satoru Takeuchilib/tlibio: Fix a build warning
2016-03-23 Filipe Mananaoverlay/001: change supported fs from generic to overlay
2016-03-23 Filipe Mananacheck: catch general protection fault traces in _check_...
2016-03-23 Filipe Mananaoverlayfs: test fsync on merged directory
2016-03-23 Chandan Rajendrabtrfs: 'subvolume stress' tasks need to exit gracefully
2016-03-23 Eryu Guanxfs/073: avoid finobt warning from mkfs
2016-03-23 Andreas Gruenbacherxfs/191: Remove obsolete nfs4acl tests
2016-03-23 Andreas GruenbacherRename output file templates to match TEST.out*
2016-03-23 Eryu Guanfstests: make xfs/006 generic
2016-03-23 Wang Xiaoguangbtrfs/059: add a filter for btrfs compression property
2016-03-23 Eryu Guangeneric: test I/O on dm error device
2016-03-23 Christoph Hellwigxfs/209: filter scratch dir properly
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... xfs: remove NOCOW_FL testing from test
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... xfs: test per-ag allocation accounting during truncate...
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... xfs/122: support rmapxbt
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... xfs/122: define _GNU_SOURCE when compiling test program
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... xfs/073: fix output
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... xfs/030: fix output on newer filesystems
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... xfs/206: fix output when mkfs knows about reflink
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... xfs/23[3-6]: don't source common/xfs, it doesn't exist
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... reflink: fix fragmentation tests to work on >4k block...
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... xfs: test copy-on-write leftover recovery
2016-03-23 Darrick J.... xfs/207: fix golden output to match FS_IOC_FSSETXATTR...
2016-03-23 David Sterbabtrfs/048: user filter for property error messages
2016-03-23 David Sterbafilter.btrfs: new filter for property messages
2016-03-23 Filipe Mananabtrfs/118: remove call to _need_to_be_root
2016-03-23 Eryu Guanxfs/137: require scratch to be CRC enabled XFS
2016-03-23 Ross Zwislerext4: defrag not supported with DAX
2016-03-23 Eryu Guancommon: filter more messages from _scratch_mkfs_ext4
2016-02-28 Chao Yuattr: add maximum acl count for f2fs
2016-02-28 Eryu Guanfstests: update autoconf rules to define _GNU_SOURCE...
2016-02-28 Filipe Mananafstests: generic test for listing an inode's xattrs
2016-02-28 Theodore Ts'ocommon: filter warning messages from mkfs.ext4
2016-02-28 Theodore Ts'odefrag: require extents support for ext4 defrag
2016-02-28 Theodore Ts'ogeneric/125: add _require_odirect
2016-02-28 Hugh Dickinsgeneric/312: remove dependency on /proc/partitions
2016-02-21 Theodore Ts'ogitignore: add src/test-nextquota
2016-02-21 Anand Jainfstests: btrfs/011 add debug logs to seqres.full
2016-02-21 Anand Jainbtrfs/011: use replace_options
2016-02-19 Filipe Mananageneric: test file fsync after rename operation
2016-02-19 Filipe Mananageneric: test directory fsync after rename operation
2016-02-18 Christoph Hellwigcommon: fix _require_fs_space on remote file systems
2016-02-18 Darrick J.... xfs/24[356]: check for -c switch to xfs_io bmap command
2016-02-18 Darrick J.... punch-alternating: use the block size reported by the...
2016-02-18 Darrick J.... generic/304: fix high offset
2016-02-18 Filipe Mananabtrfs: test directory fsync after deleting snapshots
2016-02-18 Zorro Langxfs: new test default user/group quota
2016-02-18 Theodore Ts'oxfstests: remove _need_to_be_root
2016-02-18 Hugh Dickinsxfstests: increase tmpfs memory size
2016-02-18 Hugh Dickinsxfstests: add executable permission to tests
2016-02-18 Hugh Dickinsgeneric/079,277: require chattr, not xattrs
2016-02-18 Hugh Dickinsgeneric/009: require fiemap
2016-02-18 Junho Ryugeneric/053: do not unmount before calling _check_scrat...
2016-02-18 Junho Ryuxfstests: do not unmount tmpfs during remount
2016-02-18 Theodore Ts'oRename _test_mount to _test_cycle_mount
2016-02-18 Theodore Ts'oRename _scratch_mount to _scratch_cycle_mount
2016-02-18 Theodore Ts'ogeneric: add _require_odirect to generic/113 and generi...
2016-02-18 Hugh Dickinsgeneric: use mount point instead of device name
2016-02-18 Hugh Dickinscommon: _scratch_mkfs_sized() for tmpfs
2016-02-18 Theodore Ts'ocheck: avoid spurious complaints that tests/$FSTYP...
2016-02-18 Theodore Ts'oext4/001: add output variant for nodelalloc mounts
2016-02-18 Filipe Mananageneric/158: test dedupe with destination offset past EOF
2016-02-18 Eryu Guanext4: test partial blocksize defrag integrity issue
2016-02-18 Zorro Langxfs: change return value check to golden image check
2016-02-18 Eryu Guangeneric/072: limit max cpu number to 8
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... aiocp: fix the gcc warnings
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: kick the slow tests out of the 'quick' group
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfs: test source CoW across mixed block types with...
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfs: ensure that we don't crash when freeing the ag...
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: test reflink+cow+enospc all at the same time
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfs: test xfs_getbmapx behavior with shared extents
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfs: aio cow tests
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: test aio copy on write
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfs: test rmapbt functionality
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfs: test the automatic cowextsize extent garbage collector
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: test CoW across a mixed range of block types...
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: test quota accounting
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: test xfs cow behavior when the filesystem...
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: high offset reflink and dedupe tests
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfs: test fragmentation characteristics of copy-on...
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfs/122: support refcount/rmap data structures
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfs: more reflink tests
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: ensure that we can handle reflinking a lot...
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: test CoW operations against the source file
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: test CoW behavior with IO errors
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: test intersecting CoW and falloc/fpunch/fzero...
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... dio: unwritten conversion bug tests
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: add _require_odirect to the directio tests
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: fix style problems in existing tests
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: refactor mixed block creation code
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... common: provide a method to repair the scratch fs
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... common: create _require_test_program to look for progra...
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... common/dmerror: add some more dmerror routines
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: remove unnecessary umounts from test code
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... reflink: remove redundant filesystem checks from the...
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfstests: make _scratch_mkfs_blocksized usable
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... xfstests: filter whitespace in 128 and 132
2016-02-12 Darrick J.... generic/182: this is a dedupe test, check for dedupe
2016-02-07 Satoru TakeuchiFix prerequisite packages to build fstests on Ubuntu
2016-02-07 Satoru Takeuchiaio-dio-eof-race should be ignored by git