2017-10-03 Theodore Ts'oreport: encode XML Character Entities in xUnit report
2017-10-01 Zorro Langsrc/nsexec: fix stack pointer alignment exception
2017-10-01 Darrick J.... xfs: test increased overlong directory extent discard...
2017-10-01 Eryu Guancommon/xfs: add iomap_dio_complete() to the dmesg filter
2017-10-01 Amir Goldsteingeneric/447: not a quick test
2017-09-29 Xiong Zhougeneric: mmap write readonly DAX file
2017-09-29 Xiong Zhougitignore: sort src/ binaries name
2017-09-29 Xiong Zhoutests: add new group dax
2017-09-29 Liu Bobtrfs: regression test for reading compressed data
2017-09-27 Darrick J.... generic/45[34]: fix the xfs_scrub probe test
2017-09-25 Khazhismel... generic: Add nocheck shutdown stress test
2017-09-24 Richard Wareingxfs: Add test for CVE-2017-14340
2017-09-20 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/031: fix test with inodes index enabled
2017-09-20 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/014: correct comment relating to workdir reuse
2017-09-19 Andreas Gruenbachercommon/rc: Improve gfs2 support
2017-09-19 Christoph Hellwigxfs/310: relax extent count check
2017-09-18 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/038: fix impure xattr test
2017-09-18 xiao yangxfs/115: add missing 115 into group file
2017-09-17 zhangyi (F)overlay: test chattr lower file in overlay
2017-09-17 zhangyi (F)overlay: test relatime for directories
2017-09-17 Jeff Laytonsrc/fsync-err: write to different offset on each fd
2017-09-17 Eryu Guangeneric: reserve correct indirect blocks for delalloc...
2017-09-17 Carlos Maiolinoxfs: Test infinite loop while searching for a free...
2017-09-13 Carlos Maiolinocommon/xfs: Add helpers for checking CONFIG_XFS_DEBUG...
2017-09-13 Carlos Maiolinogeneric: Test filesystem lockup on full overprovisioned...
2017-09-13 Ross Zwislergitignore: ignore cscope files
2017-09-09 Eryu Guangeneric: renumber tests after merge
2017-09-09 Amir Goldsteingeneric: regression test for xfs leftover CoW extent...
2017-09-09 Amir Goldsteingeneric: crash consistency fsx test for cloned files
2017-09-09 Amir Goldsteingeneric: regression test for ext4 crash consistency bug
2017-09-09 Amir Goldsteingeneric: crash consistency fsx test using dm-log-writes
2017-09-09 Amir Goldsteinfstests: add support for working with dm-log-writes...
2017-09-09 Amir Goldsteinreplay-log: add support for replaying ops in target...
2017-09-09 Amir Goldsteinreplay-log: add validations for corrupt log entries
2017-09-09 Amir Goldsteinlog-writes: add replay-log program to replay dm-log...
2017-09-08 Amir Goldsteinfsx: add support for keeping existing file
2017-09-08 Amir Goldsteinfsx: add support for writing constant instead of random...
2017-09-08 Amir Goldsteinfsx: add support for recording operations to a file
2017-09-08 Amir Goldsteinfsx: add optional logid prefix to log messages
2017-09-08 Amir Goldsteinfsx: add support for integrity check with dm-log-writes...
2017-09-04 Chandan Rajendraoverlay: Test constant d_ino feature
2017-09-03 Misono, Tomohirofstests: filter test and scratch together safely
2017-09-03 Darrick J.... generic: try various unicode normalization games
2017-09-03 Darrick J.... xfs: test rmapbt updates are correct with insert/collap...
2017-09-03 Darrick J.... xfs/122: fix the size of fsop_ag_resblks structure
2017-09-03 Darrick J.... common/rc: fix xfs_io scrub command existence test
2017-09-03 Darrick J.... generic/173: don't dump core when mwrite fails
2017-09-03 Zorro Langfsstress: fallback to block size for min dio size
2017-09-03 Ross Zwislergeneric: add test for executables on read-only DAX...
2017-09-03 Amir Goldsteinfsx: fix compile warnings
2017-09-03 Darrick J.... xfs/013: exit cleaner thread if fsstress dies
2017-09-03 Darrick J.... xfs/{319,323}: don't checksum files after log recovery
2017-09-03 Zorro Langxfs/095: require 512b sector size SCRATCH_DEV
2017-09-03 Tuomas Tynkkynenfsx: Fix -Wformat-security warnings
2017-08-31 Tuomas Tynkkynensrc/t_mtab: Add newlines to error messages
2017-08-31 Amir Goldsteinfsx: fix path of .fsx* files
2017-08-31 Amir Goldsteinfsx: fixes to random seed
2017-08-31 Amir Goldsteincommon/rc: fix _require_xfs_io_command params check
2017-08-31 Amir Goldsteincommon/rc: convert some egrep to grep
2017-08-28 Zorro Langgeneric: test data integrity with mixed buffer read...
2017-08-27 Ilya Dryomovgeneric/420: truncate testfile before executing the...
2017-08-25 Ilya Dryomovgeneric/108: tolerate old lvm utility versions
2017-08-25 Ilya Dryomovfstests: don't _require_metadata_journaling before...
2017-08-24 Darrick J.... xfs: test fuzzing every field of a dquot
2017-08-24 Darrick J.... common/populate: enable xfs quota accounting
2017-08-22 Darrick J.... xfs: test xfs_db fuzz command verbs
2017-08-22 Darrick J.... common/fuzzy: fix fuzz verb scanning
2017-08-18 Brian Fosterxfs: test for log recovery failure after tail overwrite
2017-08-18 Amir Goldsteinoverlay: test mount error cases with index=on
2017-08-18 Lu Fengqibtrfs/142: enhance regression test for nocsum dio read...
2017-08-18 Filipe Mananabtrfs: test incremental send with compression and exten...
2017-08-15 Xiao Yangxfs/424: add check for finobt && update comments
2017-08-15 Zorro Langgeneric: test read around EOF
2017-08-09 Ernesto A.... generic/307: add test to acl group
2017-08-07 Darrick J.... common/inject: refactor helpers to use new errortag...
2017-08-07 Xiao Yangcommon/config: add acl and user_xattr support for TEST_DEV
2017-08-07 Eryu Guancommon/config: unset TEST_FS_MOUNT_OPTS across config...
2017-08-03 Eryu Guanfstests: remove tmp files properly
2017-08-03 Eryu Guanfstests: batch update of test file mode
2017-08-03 Eryu Guancommon/xfs: add iomap_dio_actor() to the dmesg filter
2017-08-03 Eryu Guangeneric/224: filter out expected XFS warnings for mixed...
2017-08-03 Eryu Guannew: validate groups when creating new test
2017-08-03 Darrick J.... ext4: fsmap tests
2017-08-03 Darrick J.... xfs: only run scrub in dry run mode
2017-08-03 Ernesto A.... generic/449: make the test effective against xfs
2017-08-03 Eric Biggerssrc: include <sys/sysmacros.h> for major() and minor()
2017-07-28 Eryu Guangeneric/446: make sure all background processes are...
2017-07-28 Tahsin Erdoganext4: add a test for ea_inode feature
2017-07-28 Bill O'Donnellxfs: test xfs_db to ensure type size taken into account...
2017-07-28 Xiao Yangcommon/rc: factor out _ext4_disable_extent_zeroout...
2017-07-28 Ernesto A.... common/rc: support reiserfs in _scratch_mkfs_sized
2017-07-28 Zorro Langxfs/068: update golden output due to new operations...
2017-07-28 Zorro Langfsstress: add AIO read/write and fsync test
2017-07-28 Zorro Langfsstress: new writev and readv operations test
2017-07-28 Eric Biggersinclude: remove some unused headers
2017-07-28 Eric Biggersbuild: remove IRIX-specific build logic
2017-07-28 Eric Biggerscommon: remove IRIX-specific code
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: clean up per-OS output files
2017-07-24 Eric Biggerstests: remove IRIX support from tests also supported...
2017-07-24 Eric BiggersREADME: remove IRIX-specific documentation