2011-10-07 Eric Sandeenxfstests: make 258 more forgiving of timestamp rounding
2011-10-06 Alex Elderxfstests: 262: verify project quota values aren't doubled
2011-10-06 Alex Elderxfstests: 261: test failures caused by bogus mtab entries
2011-09-27 Lukas Czerner260: Check proper FITRIM argument handling
2011-09-27 Lukas Czernercommit.rc: Add helper for math operation using bc
2011-09-27 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: fix test 259
2011-09-23 Boris Ranto259: Test xfs fs creation with fs size close to 4 TB
2011-09-23 Eric Sandeen258: test timestamps before the epoch
2011-09-23 Gražvydas Ignotas257: check getdents64() for duplicates
2011-09-23 Lukas Czernerfstrim: Use strtoull instead of strtoul
2011-08-25 David Sterbaxfstests: setup and run non-generic mkfs for btrfs
2011-08-22 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: fix loggen compile against recent xfsprogs...
2011-08-19 Eric Sandeenxfstests 062: Also accept "no such attribute" errors...
2011-08-03 Stefan Behrensmake t_immutable and 079 filesystem-agnostic
2011-08-03 Stefan Behrensmake more tests generic
2011-08-02 Christoph Hellwigadd nfs4 support
2011-08-02 Christoph Hellwigadd jfs support
2011-07-26 Christoph Hellwigfix fsx build with newer xfs headers
2011-07-22 Theodore Ts'odmapi: fix build failure if libdm is provided via -ldm
2011-07-22 Theodore Ts'oconfigure.in: declare a requirement for at least autoco...
2011-07-20 Jan Karaxfstests: Improve test 219 to work with different files...
2011-07-20 Allison Hendersonxfstests: Add ENOSPC Hole Punch Test
2011-07-20 Allison Hendersonxfstests: ENOSPC Punch Hole: Move su routines in 123...
2011-07-20 Allison Hendersonxfstests: Correct extent flag parsing for punch hole...
2011-07-19 Dave Chinnerxfstests: fix modulo-by-zero error in fsx
2011-07-17 Dave Chinnerxfstests: don't hard code the shell binary
2011-07-14 Alex Elderxfstests: update test 250 and its golden output
2011-07-14 Dave Chinnerxfstests: fix fsx build failure.
2011-07-14 Dave Chinnerxfstests: add mapped write fsx operations to 091
2011-07-14 Dave Chinnerxfstests: fix brain-o in fallocate log dump
2011-07-14 Dave Chinnerxfstests: fsx fallocate support is b0rked
2011-07-14 Dave Chinnerxfstests: fix fsx fpunch test to actually test for...
2011-07-13 Allison Hendersonadd generic hole punch test 255
2011-07-13 Allison Hendersonmake 252 xfs only, add md5 checksums to hole punch...
2011-07-13 Akshay LalFix the ltp Makefile to allow for installation of all...
2011-06-21 Christoph Hellwigxfstesta: update test 242 golden output
2011-06-20 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: add mising golden output for 250
2011-06-17 David Sterbaxfstests: fix hardcoded path in output of 254
2011-06-17 Chandra Seetharamanxfstests: limit size of created filesystem in test 202
2011-06-17 Chandra Seetharamanxfstests: Make the requirement of projid32bit explicit...
2011-06-17 Allison Hendersonexpand 252 with more corner case tests
2011-06-17 Allison Hendersonadd hole punching support to fsx
2011-06-16 Chandra Seetharamantest 032: Run mkfs.xfs only if the prior mkfs.${fs...
2011-06-10 Chandra Seetharamanxfstests: Make ext2 requirement explicit for test 049
2011-06-03 Amir Goldsteinxfstests: add support for ext4dev FSTYP
2011-05-31 Amir Goldsteinfix hardcoded reference to /mnt/test in common.attr
2011-05-25 Josef Bacikxfstests: add test 254 for testing basic btrfs volume...
2011-05-11 Boris Rantoxfstests: fsx: do not print fallocate support warning...
2011-05-04 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: support post-udev device mapper nodes
2011-05-04 Eric Sandeenxfstests: clean up fallocate configuration tests
2011-05-03 Tao Maxfstests: fix error discard test output in 251.out
2011-05-03 Alex Elderxfstests: 253: test the metadump functionality of xfs_db
2011-04-29 Alex Elderxfstests: coalesce contiguous extents in extent map...
2011-04-28 Alex Elderxfstests: make a few recently-added tests executable
2011-04-28 Alex Elderxfstests: drop "Mount point match" from 028 and 047...
2011-04-28 Alex Elderxfstests: eliminate warnings under dmapi/src/suite2/src
2011-04-28 Alex Elderxfstests: eliminate warnings under dmapi/src/suite1...
2011-04-28 Alex Elderxfstests: eliminate warnings under dmapi/src/suite1...
2011-04-28 Alex Elderxfstests: eliminate warnings under dmapi/src/suite1...
2011-04-28 Alex Elderxfstests: eliminate some warnings under dmapi/src
2011-04-20 Josef Bacikxfstests 252: add test for fallocate with hole punching
2011-04-15 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: reduce error output on 229
2011-04-11 Christoph Hellwigxfstests: allow deeper symlink recursion in 005
2011-04-04 Eric Sandeenxfstests: ensure selinux xattrs don't interfere with...
2011-04-04 Eric Sandeenxfstests 249: use -F option for xfs_io
2011-03-11 Alex Elderxfstests: rework "dmapi" subtree build mechanism
2011-03-11 Alex Elderxfstests: some refinements on "make depend"
2011-03-09 Alex Elderxfstests: a few fixes to Makefile
2011-03-09 Alex Elderxfstests: fix a few build warnings
2011-03-09 Alex Elderxfstests: make 127 and 134 clean up after themselves
2011-03-09 Boris Rantoxfstests: change directory to / before _cleanup_testdir...
2011-03-09 Eric SandeenAdd fallocate calls to fsx
2011-03-09 Eric Sandeen225: Run with different random seeds
2011-03-08 Eric Sandeen225: add additional fiemap-tester run without sync
2011-03-08 Eric SandeenFix fiemap-tester for fewer extents returned
2011-02-23 Eric SandeenNotify via syslog when godown is shutting down fs
2011-02-22 Lukas CzernerAdd test 251: Check filesystem FITRIM implementation
2011-02-16 Jeff Moyer164: write a multiple of 4k instead of 512
2011-02-16 Jeff Moyer091: fix up output when pagesize == sectorsize
2011-02-16 Lukas Czerner089: fix error caused by weird stdout buffer handling
2011-02-14 Dave Chinnerxfstests: conditionalise allocsize option in 014
2011-02-14 Dave Chinnerxfstests: Speed up test 042
2011-02-14 Dave Chinnerxfstests: make 016 work with delaylog
2011-02-14 Dave Chinnerxfstests: add test to reproduce bmap btree corruption.
2011-01-10 Dave Chinnerxfstests: add simple splice test
2011-02-13 Jeff Moyer078: xfs_repair should be run against the losetup'd...
2011-02-13 Jeff Moyer240: only run when the file system block size is larger...
2011-02-13 Jeff Moyeraiodio_sparse2: fix up alignment for 4k logical block...
2011-01-11 Eric Sandeen243: remove test files before starting
2011-01-11 Eric Sandeenxfstests 241: run longer
2011-01-07 Dave Chinnerxfstests: 014 takes forever with large preallocation...
2011-01-07 Dave Chinnerxfsqa: make hole tests independent of speculative alloc...
2010-12-16 Alex Elderxfstests: ensure uint64_t is defined for <linux/fs.h>
2010-12-16 Zhong, Xinxfstests: pwrite hang when writing from mmaped buffer...
2010-12-15 Boris Rantoxfstests: filter spaces in xfs_quota output in test...
2010-12-14 Boris Rantoxfstests: ignore absolute address in filename in test...
2010-12-01 Boris Rantoxfstests: getfacl -n unsupported in older acl package
2010-11-30 Josef Bacikxfstests: add _scratch_mkfs_sized support for btrfs
2010-11-30 Josef Bacikxfstest 245: accept ENOTEMPTY as a valid error
2010-11-19 Lachlan McIlroyxfstests 247: Test for race between direct I/O and...