2016-10-21 Darrick J.... xfs: fix more xfs_db open-coding instances
2016-10-21 Darrick J.... fstests: fix fallocate commands that need the unshare...
2016-10-21 Darrick J.... xfs: set the refcount btree cowflag when setting up cow
2016-10-21 Amir Goldsteinfstests: run xfs_io with -i option if supported
2016-10-20 Amir Goldsteinfstests: strip quotes from "$XFS_IO_PROG" call sites
2016-10-20 Amir Goldsteinfstests: fix call sites that used xfs_io directly
2016-10-14 Eryu Guanxfs/122: remove dead code
2016-10-13 Eric Biggersgeneric/314: don't test SGID behavior after setfacl
2016-10-13 Eric Biggersgeneric/375: test both regular file and directory
2016-10-11 Zorro Langcommon/rc: use real device name in _sysfs_dev function
2016-10-08 Eryu Guanxfs: renumber tests after merge
2016-10-08 Darrick J.... xfs: check copy-on-write fragmentation
2016-10-07 Darrick J.... xfs: test realtime rmapbt code
2016-10-07 Darrick J.... xfs: more rmapbt tests
2016-10-07 Eric Sandeenxfs: exercise and validate the xfs_io inode command
2016-10-07 Darrick J.... xfs: fix $XFS_DB_PROG usage
2016-10-07 Darrick J.... fstests: use get_block_size helper
2016-10-07 David Disseldorpfsx: fix compiler warning due to bad prototype
2016-10-07 Zorro Langxfs/032: test the next block size if mkfs fails
2016-09-29 Eryu Guangeneric/349,350,351: remove from quick group
2016-09-29 Eryu Guanxfs/287: fix wrong seq number in test
2016-09-29 Eryu Guangeneric/052: use _check_scratch_fs not _xfs_check
2016-09-29 Darrick J.... xfs/207,327: fsxattr no longer has the reflink flag
2016-09-29 Darrick J.... xfs/130: don't modify files after failed mount
2016-09-29 Darrick J.... xfs/122: decrease the log update done item sizes
2016-09-28 Brian Fostergeneric: shutdown fs after log recovery
2016-09-26 Theodore Ts'ogeneric/361: require that file system uses a real block...
2016-09-26 Eryu Guangeneric/317: use id to get user id
2016-09-23 Omar Sandovalbtrfs: test free space tree mount options
2016-09-23 Wang Xiaoguanggeneric: truncate heavily reflinked file
2016-09-23 Eryu Guanfstests: move now-generic xfs project quota tests generic
2016-09-23 Eric Sandeenxfs: make some xfs project quota tests generic
2016-09-23 Eric Sandeenfstests: move now-generic quota tests to generic
2016-09-23 Eric Sandeenxfs: modify quota tests to work on generic filesystems
2016-09-23 Eric Sandeenxfs/260: fix output to match actions
2016-09-23 Eryu Guanfstests: require scratch dev in tests using dm targets
2016-09-20 Xiao Yangcommon/rc: fix fsmap check
2016-09-15 Zorro Langxfs: various operations on mounted fs
2016-09-15 Xiao Yangxfs/098: fix xfs_repair on newer xfsprogs
2016-09-13 Eryu Guanoverlay: sgid inheritance over whiteout
2016-09-08 Darrick J.... xfs: test getbmapx shared extent reporting
2016-09-08 Darrick J.... xfs: test getfsmap ioctl
2016-09-08 Eryu Guangeneric: simple permission check on hard links
2016-09-08 Qu Wenruocommon/rc: Enhance _exclude_scratch_mount_option to...
2016-09-08 Eryu Guanxfs/279: filter scsi debug device correctly
2016-09-08 Eryu Guanoverlay: copy-up lowerdir which has opaque xattr set
2016-09-08 Eryu Guancommon/rc: introduce _overlay_mount_dirs helper
2016-09-05 Xiao Yangext4/021: use $XFS_IO_PROG instead of xfs_io
2016-09-02 Darrick J.... xfs/122: check the ag reservation counter ioctl
2016-09-02 Darrick J.... xfs/122: track xfs_scrub_metadata
2016-09-02 Darrick J.... xfs: test swapext with reflink
2016-09-02 Darrick J.... xfs/122: test btree header block sizes
2016-09-02 Darrick J.... generic/159, 160: deal with EACCES -> EPERM transition
2016-09-02 Darrick J.... xfs/130,235: deal with an unreplayable dirty log
2016-09-02 Darrick J.... xfs/122: decrease the log update done item sizes
2016-09-02 Darrick J.... tests/xfs: don't run tests if cowextsize isn't present
2016-09-01 Wang Xiaoguanggeneric/172: raise fs size
2016-08-31 Artem Savkovgeneric: listxattr syscall with different buffer sizes
2016-08-31 Eric SandeenREADME: fix up dependency lists
2016-08-30 Zorro Langxfs: rw remount with unknown ro-compat features
2016-08-28 Zorro Langgeneric/095: add xfs_file_aio_read into warning whitelist
2016-08-26 Theodore Ts'ofstests: add punch, collapse, insert, zero test groups
2016-08-26 Filipe Mananageneric: fsync after file rename
2016-08-26 Andreas Gruenbachergeneric: Check clearing of SGID in chmod and acl_set_file
2016-08-26 Zorro Langxfs: EIO error handling test
2016-08-26 Zorro Langxfs/006: refactor reset error handling code to common/rc
2016-08-26 Zorro Langxfs/033: source mkfs output again if isize less than 512
2016-08-26 Eric Whitneycommon/rc: improve _require_metadata_journaling() for...
2016-08-26 Eric Whitneygeneric/135: redirect stderr from _scratch_mkfs
2016-08-26 Xiao Yangxfs/191: skip tests on older xfsprogs
2016-08-26 Omar Sandovalsrc/test-nextquota: fix build failure with glibc 2.24
2016-08-26 Eric Sandeenxfs: test xfs_quota "state" command
2016-08-15 Eric Sandeencommon/quota: add prjquota to _qmount_option() filter
2016-08-12 Eryu Guansrc/t_immutable: allow EPERM on immutable inode
2016-08-12 Darrick J.... xfs/122: add the realtime rmapbt inode and btree fields
2016-08-12 Darrick J.... xfs: scrub fs at the end of the test
2016-08-08 Darrick J.... reflink: test cross-mountpoint reflink and dedupe
2016-08-05 Eric SandeenREADME: document Fedora, RHEL, and CentOS dependencies
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... generic: test accurate shared extent reporting
2016-08-05 Jan Karaext4: Test expansion of inode size
2016-08-05 Eric Whitneycommon/defrag: rework _require_defrag for ext4
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... xfs: test attr_list_by_handle cursor iteration
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... common/dmerror: fix mount option issues
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... xfs/128: cycle_mount the scratch device
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... common/rc: optionally test xfs_repair index rebuilding
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... xfs/234: use scratch device helpers
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... xfs/179: use scratch device helpers
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... xfs/129: fix post-metadump remounting idiocy
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... common/reflink: actually test dedupe on scratch device
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... xfs/122: list the new log redo items
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... xfs/310: fix the size calculation for the huge device
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... xfs: use rmapbt-checking helper
2016-08-05 Darrick J.... xfs/26[34]: remove duplicate tests
2016-08-03 Christoph Hellwiggeneric/095: update warning whitelist
2016-08-03 Omar Sandovalcheck: allow comments in exclude files
2016-07-31 Eryu Guanoverlay: truncate running binaries from lower and upper...
2016-07-31 Eryu Guanoverlay: remove stale file from upperdir
2016-07-31 Eryu Guanoverlay: dump overlay private xattr
2016-07-31 Wang Xiaoguanggeneric: run write(2) and fallocate(2) in parallel
2016-07-31 Zorro Langxfs/106: rewrite to make it a reliable regression test