2019-04-19 Filipe Mananafsstress: allow afsync on directories too
2019-04-19 Filipe Mananafsstress: allow fsync on directories too
2019-04-14 Darrick J.... clonerange: test remapping the rainbow
2019-04-14 Murphy Zhougeneric/504: fix hard coded fd number
2019-04-14 Anand Jainbtrfs/048: amend property validation cases
2019-04-13 Brian Fosterfsx: test copy_file_range() using non-zero length copy
2019-04-13 zhangyi (F)generic/230: reset grace time before overcome hardlimit
2019-04-09 Zorro Langsrc/t_attr_corruption: covert value to little endian...
2019-04-09 Xiaoli Fengcommon/rc: use _try_scratch_mount for scratch_remount
2019-04-09 Yang Xucommon/populate: decrease the step of rm file
2019-04-06 Amir Goldsteingeneric: Test that SEEK_HOLE can find a punched hole
2019-04-06 Amir Goldsteinfstests: Add more sanity to seek_sanity_test
2019-04-06 Anand Jainbtrfs: try use forget to unregister device
2019-04-06 Anand Jainfstests: btrfs verify hardening agaist duplicate fsid
2019-04-06 Nikolay Borisovbtrfs/003: enable test with virtio_blk devices in VM
2019-04-06 Zorro Langgeneric: unaligned direct AIO write test
2019-03-31 Jan Karafsx: fix errors due to unsupported FIDEDUPERANGE
2019-03-31 Zorro Langxfs/065: make sure SCRATCH_DEV is unmount before mkfs
2019-03-31 Nikolay Borisovgeneric/077: Don't delete $seqres.full file after test
2019-03-31 Darrick J.... generic: prohibit fstrim on journalled filesystems...
2019-03-30 Nikolay Borisovfstests: Verify that removed device has its superblocks...
2019-03-30 Brian Fostergeneric: test stale data exposure after writeback crash
2019-03-30 Nikolay Borisovfstests: Add missing call to _scratch_dev_pool_put
2019-03-24 Darrick J.... xfs: test xfs_copy and xfs_mdrestore on the populate...
2019-03-24 Chandan Rajendra_require_prjquota: Disable tests only when using realti...
2019-03-24 Darrick J.... fstests: fix broken _require_scratch usage
2019-03-23 Darrick J.... common/populate: support multiple cached images
2019-03-23 Darrick J.... common/populate: refactor _scratch_populate_cached
2019-03-23 Darrick J.... ext4/023: don't require scrub for ext4 populated image...
2019-03-23 Darrick J.... generic/454: stop the test if we run out of space
2019-03-23 Darrick J.... generic/032: fix unwritten extent checks
2019-03-23 Darrick J.... generic/042: fix stale disk contents check
2019-03-23 Darrick J.... check: really improve test list randomization
2019-03-23 Darrick J.... check: improve test list randomization
2019-03-23 zhangxiaoxu... generic/131: Create server.out manually.
2019-03-15 Eric Biggersgeneric/398: accept EXDEV for rename or link into encry...
2019-03-10 Christoph Hellwigxfs/42[01]: don't disturb unwritten status with md5sum
2019-03-09 Chao Yugeneric: test i_mode recovery after power failure
2019-03-09 Filipe Mananageneric: add test for fsync after shrinking truncate...
2019-03-08 Ronnie Sahlberggeneric/097: split user.* xattr tests to new test
2019-03-08 Darrick J.... populate: force large finobt creation on xfs
2019-03-07 Darrick J.... generic: test statx attribute_mask setting
2019-03-07 Darrick J.... ext4/032: SCRATCH_DIR -> SCRATCH_MNT
2019-03-07 Darrick J.... shared/298: unmount filesystem before examining underly...
2019-03-06 Darrick J.... xfs/010: use correct type for finobt corrupting
2019-03-06 Darrick J.... common/rc: fix get_max_lfs_filesize
2019-03-02 Amir Goldsteingeneric/{436,445}: check falloc support
2019-03-02 Brian Fostergeneric/482: use thin volume as data device
2019-03-02 Brian Fostercommon/dmlogwrites: genericize log writes target device
2019-03-02 Darrick J.... t_attr_corruption: fix this yet again
2019-03-02 Darrick J.... fstests: don't oom the box opening tmpfiles
2019-03-02 Rostislav Skudnovfsstress: show correct offsets and length for copy_file...
2019-03-02 Yufen Yucommon/rc: add _get_max_lfs_filesize to return MAX_LFS_...
2019-03-02 Yufen Yugeneric/299: limit max file size
2019-02-23 Nikolay Borisovshared/298: Wire btrfs support in get_free_sectors
2019-02-22 Xiao Yangsrc/Makefile: Link clock_gettime(2) with -lrt
2019-02-22 Darrick J.... src/t_attr_corruption: fix xattr.h include problems
2019-02-21 Christoph Hellwigfstests: add a seek group
2019-02-21 Christoph Hellwigxfs/42[01]: remove from the dedup group
2019-02-21 Darrick J.... src/t_open_tmpfiles: flush log when shutting down files...
2019-02-21 Darrick J.... xfs/500: fix reflink support detection and add new...
2019-02-21 Darrick J.... xfs/450: require working falloc command
2019-02-16 Brian Fostershared: cgroup aware writeback accounting test
2019-02-16 Zorro Langfsstress: avoid infinite zero byte reading
2019-02-16 Darrick J.... generic: check the behavior of programs opening a lot...
2019-02-16 Darrick J.... inject: skip tests when knob dir exists but knob doesn't
2019-02-16 Darrick J.... generic: posix acl extended attribute memory corruption...
2019-02-16 Darrick J.... generic: check for reasonable inode creation time
2019-02-16 Darrick J.... common: fix _require_btime for lazy filesystems
2019-02-16 Darrick J.... common: fix kmemleak to work with sections
2019-02-16 Darrick J.... xfs: test mkfs extent size hint validation
2019-02-16 Christoph Hellwiggeneric/075,112: detect preallocation support for fsx...
2019-02-16 Filipe Mananabtrfs: test for corruption when reading compressed...
2019-02-16 Filipe Mananageneric: test fsync after succession of renames and...
2019-02-16 Filipe Mananageneric: test fsync after succession of file renames
2019-02-16 Cui Yuesrc/t_mtab: Add error check for unlock_mtab()
2019-02-10 Amir Goldsteinxfs/068: Verify actual file count instead of reported...
2019-02-10 Amir Goldsteinfstests: Check that high-offset reads and writes work...
2019-02-10 Christoph Hellwigxfs/252: requires fallocate support for preallocation
2019-02-10 Zorro Langfsstress: avoid splice_f generating too large sparse...
2019-02-10 Vivek Goyaloverlay/060: Use falloc to make sure a meta copy file...
2019-02-03 Amir Goldsteincommon/dump: do not override test cleanup trap
2019-02-03 Darrick J.... xfs/138: format the scratch device before using it
2019-02-03 Darrick J.... xfs/093: make sure the scratch directory still exists...
2019-02-03 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/061: enhance mmap ro/rw inconsistencies test
2019-02-03 Vivek Goyaloverlay: Do not lose security.capability xattr over...
2019-01-30 Qu Wenruobtrfs: Test if btrfs will report false ENOSPC error...
2019-01-30 Qu Wenruobtrfs: Test if btrfs will commit too many transactions...
2019-01-30 Qu Wenruobtrfs: Test if btrfs hits EDQUOT without trying to...
2019-01-27 Jeff Mahoneybtrfs/131: require support for free-space-tree
2019-01-27 Jeff Mahoneybtrfs/023: skip trying to test raid56 without kernel...
2019-01-27 Jeff Mahoneybtrfs: require feature raid56 for raid56 tests
2019-01-27 Jeff Mahoneybtrfs/010: don't run without /sys/fs/btrfs
2019-01-27 Filipe Mananabtrfs/081: fix killing of reader loop subshell
2019-01-27 Filipe Mananabtrfs/081: declare local variables as local
2019-01-27 Zorro Langcommon/dump: disable splice from FSSTRESS_AVOID
2019-01-27 Zorro Langfsstress: add splice support
2019-01-17 Vivek Goyaloverlay: File capabilities should not be lost over...
2019-01-16 Brian Fostergeneric: test writepage cached mapping validity
2019-01-12 Qu Wenruobtrfs: test for deadlock between snapshot delete and...