2017-06-14 Jan Karacommon: UDF does not support journalling
2017-06-14 Jan Karageneric/360: Create symlink with valid path
2017-06-13 Eric Biggersgeneric: test for buggy fscrypt context consistency...
2017-06-08 Filipe Mananabtrfs: test incremental send after renaming and linking...
2017-06-08 David Oberhollenzerfstests: Fix block device requirements and manual scrat...
2017-06-08 David Oberhollenzergeneric/398: Accept failing with EPERM in addition...
2017-06-08 David Oberhollenzerfstests: Add support for UBIFS
2017-06-08 David Oberhollenzercommon/rc: Add tests for character devices
2017-06-08 Omar Sandovalbtrfs: test Btrfs delalloc accounting overflow
2017-06-06 Nikolay Borisovgeneric/019: Silence possible kill failure
2017-06-03 Nikolay Borisovcommon/rc: Fix wrong word in _require_group
2017-06-02 Filipe Mananageneric: hole punching followed by writes in the same...
2017-06-02 Nikolay Borisovsrc/listxattr: Fix reading past the end of the user...
2017-06-02 Eryu Guanbuild: workaround build failures with old autoconf...
2017-06-02 Jan Karageneric: Add regression test for tail page zeroing
2017-05-26 Eryu Guannfs: test nfs4_getfacl near page size ACL from server
2017-05-26 Theodore Ts'obuild: Stop relying on OpenSSL
2017-05-25 Nikolay Borisovgeneric/108: Fix return value check from _get_scsi_debu...
2017-05-25 Zorro Langxfs/288: filter out extra mkfs warning
2017-05-25 Zorro Langxfs/196: fallback to fail_writes for old kernel
2017-05-23 Luis Henriquessrc/seek_sanity_test: fix test15 SEEK_HOLE expected...
2017-05-23 Nikolay Borisovxfs/293: Make 'man' hard requirement
2017-05-23 Richard Weinbergersrc/stat_test: Fix stx_attributes check
2017-05-22 Theodore Ts'osrc: fix compiler warnings
2017-05-19 Eric Biggersfstests: skip AIO-related tests when CONFIG_AIO=n
2017-05-19 Liu Bobtrfs: regression test for nocsum buffered read's repair
2017-05-19 Liu Bobtrfs: regression test for nocsum dio read's repair
2017-05-19 Liu Bobtrfs: regression test for btrfs buffered read's repair
2017-05-19 Liu Bobtrfs: regression test for btrfs dio read repair
2017-05-19 Liu Bocommon/filter: add _filter_filefrag
2017-05-19 Zorro Langfsstress: cleanup flist with test directory together
2017-05-18 Ross Zwislergeneric: add regression test for DAX PTE/PMD races
2017-05-17 Jan Karageneric: Add more SEEK_HOLE tests
2017-05-17 Eric Biggersgeneric: test that encrypted filenames are presented...
2017-05-17 Xiao Yangcommon: cleanup _require_xfs_io_command
2017-05-17 Xiao Yangcommon: use _require_xfs_io_command() directly to check...
2017-05-12 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/017: test consistent st_ino/d_ino for hardlinks
2017-05-12 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/017: use t_dir_type to find file by d_ino
2017-05-12 Amir Goldsteinsrc/t_dir_type: support filtering by inode number
2017-05-12 Anna Schumakergeneric: Add a copy test for invalid input
2017-05-12 Anna Schumakergeneric: Add a copy test for overwriting small amounts...
2017-05-12 Anna Schumakergeneric: Add copy test that overwrites data
2017-05-12 Anna Schumakergeneric: Add small copies to new file test
2017-05-12 Anna Schumakergeneric: Add copy to new file test
2017-05-09 Luis Henriquessrc/seek_sanity_test: ensure file size is big enough
2017-05-08 Eric Biggerscommon/config: implement set_prog_path() using 'type -P'
2017-05-08 Eric Biggerscommon/config: make set_prog_path() accept one argument...
2017-05-05 Eric Biggersgeneric: test revalidation of encrypted dentries
2017-05-05 Eric Sandeenpunch-alternating: add some options
2017-05-04 Luis Henriquesattr: add support for cephfs
2017-05-04 Eric Biggerscommon/rc: catch updated suspicious RCU usage message...
2017-05-04 Eric Sandeenxfs: test fragmented multi-fsb readdir
2017-05-01 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/017: test persistent inode numbers after mount...
2017-05-01 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/017: verify constant inode number after rename
2017-05-01 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/017: create helpers to record and check inode...
2017-05-01 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/017: use af_unix to create socket test file
2017-05-01 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/017: fix some comments
2017-05-01 Amir Goldsteinoverlay/017: silence test output
2017-04-28 Bill O'Donnellxfs: xfs_growfs target path must be an active xfs mount...
2017-04-27 Ross Zwislergeneric: add regression test for stale mmap reads
2017-04-27 Zorro Langgeneric: test eofblocks race with file extending aio...
2017-04-27 Gwendal Grignoubuild: allow cros-compilation on chromeOS
2017-04-25 Zorro Langxfs: xfs_repair should junk empty attribute leaf blocks
2017-04-25 Ross Zwislersrc/t_mmap_dio: fix incorrect argument count check
2017-04-24 Filipe Mananabtrfs: fix local array declarations
2017-04-24 Xiao Yangbtrfs: use $FILEFRAG_PROG instead of filefrag
2017-04-24 Xiao Yangext4: check mount's handling for very large s_first_meta_bg
2017-04-21 Eric Sandeenxfs/293: make test more robust
2017-04-21 Amir Goldsteinfstests: add generic test for file handles
2017-04-21 Amir Goldsteinsrc/open_by_handle: flexible usage options
2017-04-21 Amir Goldsteinsrc/open_by_handle: program to exercise open_by_handle_...
2017-04-21 Amir Goldsteinfstests: remove IRIX test program open_unlink
2017-04-21 Gwendal Grignougeneric: fix statx definition for non-x86 architecture
2017-04-14 Darrick J.... xfs/348: update error message when transmogrifying...
2017-04-13 Darrick J.... generic: test FIEMAP on extended attribute blocks
2017-04-13 Liu Bobtrfs: remove snapshot aware defrag test
2017-04-11 David Howellsgeneric: Check the stx_attributes settable by chattr
2017-04-11 David Howellsdoc: Partially expand the documentation
2017-04-11 David Howellsgeneric: Add first statx test
2017-04-11 David Howellsfstests: Add an auxiliary program to create an AF_UNIX...
2017-04-11 Eryu Guangeneric/422: check fallocate KEEP_SIZE flag correctly
2017-04-11 Martin Brandenburgfstests: add orangefs (pvfs2) support
2017-04-08 Amir Goldsteinsrc/t_immutable: add ftruncate to append only tests
2017-04-08 Amir Goldsteinoverlay: test immutable and append-only upper files
2017-04-08 Filipe Mananageneric/071: check if fs supports fallocate KEEP_SIZE...
2017-04-08 Filipe Mananageneric: test for number of bytes used by files after...
2017-04-08 Filipe Mananacommon/rc: check fs supports xfs_io falloc's specific...
2017-04-07 Amir Goldsteingeneric/079: use _require_test_program
2017-04-07 Amir Goldsteinfstests: _require_chattr() must get an input arg
2017-04-06 Qu Wenruofstests: Remove IRIX os support from template
2017-04-01 Eric Biggersgeneric: test encryption key revocation during concurre...
2017-04-01 Calvin Owensgeneric: Add test for fallocate() PUNCH_HOLE|KEEP_SIZE
2017-03-31 David Sterbabtrfs: use full subcommand names
2017-03-31 David Sterbabtrfs: reorder arguments so that options come first
2017-03-29 Zorro Langxfs/068: update golden output due to new operations...
2017-03-29 Zorro Langfsstress: add mwrite/mread into test operation list
2017-03-25 Eric Biggersext4: test mounting filesystem with encrypted inode...
2017-03-22 Zorro Langcommon/rc: support gluster volume start with a slash
2017-03-22 Eric Biggersgeneric: test renaming encrypted files without key
2017-03-22 Eryu Guangeneric: test pagecache invalidation after direct write